Top 9 Podcasts by Leo Laporte

Today I’m announcing the Top 9 Podcasts by Leo Laporte, as compiled by You may not be aware of this, but Leo is the founder of, which is a podcasting network. It’s quite big, and he’s quite famous in the podcasting space. (You can also read this on my blog.)

So without further ado, here are the top 9 podcasts by Leo Laporte:

1) This Week in Tech – The flagship podcast of TWIT has been going strong for more than 13 years! A panel of tech journalists discuss the latest tech news every week.

2) MacBreak Weekly – Co-hosted by Alex Lindsay, Andy Ihnatko, and Rene Ritchie, this podcast focuses on all things Apple-related.

3) Security Now – Steve Gibson and Leo discuss the latest security threats and how to stay safe online.

4) Windows Weekly – Paul Thurrott joins Leo to talk about Microsoft’s latest operating systems and products.

5) Triangulation – Famous people from the world of technology join Leo to discuss their lives and careers.

6) The Tech Guy – Callers ask questions about technology, which are answered by Leo or one

Leo Laporte is a podcast host and a technology expert who has helped thousands of people with his podcasts.

He has worked as a radio-show host for many years and his passion for sharing everything he knows about technology is contagious.

People can’t get enough of Leo’s fast-paced, no-nonsense style, which is why over 10 million people tune in to his radio shows every week.

Here are the top 9 best podcasts by Leo Laporte:

1. TWiT: This Week in Tech

2. TWiG: This Week in Google

3. The Tech Guy

4. Security Now!

5. Windows Weekly

6. Before You Buy

7. iPad Today

8. Tech News Today

9. The Social Hour

This is where I list my top 9 podcasts.

1. TWiT

2. Security Now

3. This Week in Tech

4. Windows Weekly

5. Triangulation

6. iPad Today

7. Tech Guy Labs

8. MacBreak Weekly

9. TWiG

Leo Laporte, the Tech Guy, is a host and personality on the TWiT network. He has hosted many podcasts on the TWiT network and creates shows about technology. His most popular podcast is “This Week in Tech” (or TWiT).

Leo Laporte’s podcasts are top-notch. He always has great guests and he keeps up with the latest trends. Leo Laporte’s podcasts are entertaining, educational, and highly recommended by industry experts.

Hello, I’m Leo Laporte and this is TWiT.

Leo: It’s time for TWiT, This Week in Tech.

Leo: This is TWiT. This Week in Tech.

Leo: This Week in Tech starts now!

This Week in Tech is the show that covers all of the week’s tech news; gadgets and games, social media and social networking, digital lifestyle, science and space. Wherever technology touches our lives, we’re there to report on it. We are the largest network of tech shows online with over 30 hours of programming a week.

Leo Laporte: The Tech Guy is a podcast that gives advice and answers questions about consumer technology.

Leo Laporte is the host of TWiT’s popular shows including MacBreak Weekly, Security Now, Windows Weekly, This Week in Google, and More. Leo was formerly the host of The Screen Savers on the former TechTV television network.

The Network with Leo Laporte features the

Welcome to TWiT, This Week in Tech! I’m Leo Laporte your host. It’s time for TWiT! Please join us by following us on your favorite podcast app.

This Week in Tech is a weekly round table discussion with the most interesting tech personalities and journalists of our times. We discuss the latest technology news and interview the top people in tech about what it means to you.

Join me, my co-hosts, Ant Pruitt, Jason Howell, Mike Elgan and Megan Morrone for our weekly roundtable every Sunday at 4PM Pacific time.

The world of technology has changed so much over the last few years. It’s no longer just about computers and gadgets. Technology touches everything from politics to entertainment to business and culture. We’ll be discussing all of this and more on This Week in Tech: The News You Missed From Google I/O 2019. Join us Sunday at 4PM Pacific Time (7PM Eastern Time) for a new episode of TWiT: This Week in Tech.

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