Top 6 Smart Locks The FUTURE of Home Security

We are in a world where technology is growing exponentially. The world is getting smarter and smarter each day. And the future of home security has never looked brighter. But, it can also be quite overwhelming when it comes to narrowing down which smart home gadgets are worth your money and time.

Before we get into our top 6 picks for smart locks, let’s go over some of the facts about why you should consider upgrading your door locks to smart locks.

First, they are convenient! You no longer have to carry around a keychain with multiple keys on it or worry about locking yourself out of your house or getting your keys stolen. With a smart lock, you can grant access to guests as well as grant temporary access to delivery drivers and real estate agents. Also, you can easily rekey the lock and change the access codes whenever you want without having to pay for a professional locksmith and without having to replace the lock itself.

Second, they are safer than traditional door locks! Smart locks give you complete control over who has access to your house and when they have access to it. With traditional deadbolts, all someone needs is a screwdriver or a strong pair of hands to break in if they really want to get inside. Smart door locks also alert you

If you are like me, you probably hate thinking about home security until it’s too late. I have never even thought about buying a security system for my house until I got robbed. Robbed? Yes! The funny thing is that the thief did not take anything valuable except for my laptop which I was able to track and recover using Prey (a software that lets you track your lost or stolen laptop).

When I got my laptop back, I decided to install a security system in my home. Of course, I did not want a system that relied on keypads or that required me to deal with wires or drilling holes through walls. This is where smart locks come in. Using a smart lock system is as easy as installing an app on your smartphone and connecting the lock to WiFi or Bluetooth. It also enables you to use biometric authentication instead of pass codes or keys.

With all these advantages, it should come as no surprise that the market for smart locks has grown tremendously over the past few years. There are now many different brands offering high-tech solutions for securing homes and businesses. In this article, we are going to look at six of the best smart locks available today:

A smart lock is a lock that can be opened with a remote, rather than by inserting a metal key. They are also known as keyless entry locks and come in many forms. Most people associate them with the type of locks used on cars, but there are many other types available.

The idea behind a smart lock is that you can control access to your home via a smartphone or tablet. Many allow you to unlock your door remotely, so you don’t have to worry about your keys being stolen or getting lost. You can also give temporary access to trusted friends or family members if necessary. This can be useful for letting someone in when you’re not at home, such as if they need to get something from your house while you’re away on vacation.

If you want to learn more about smart locks and how they work, then read our list of the top six best smart locks on the market today!

Smart locks have been a part of the smart home ecosystem for quite some time now. However, it is only recently that they have started becoming main stream. Many people do not realize the importance of having a smart lock installed in today’s world where security and privacy are on the front line of every person’s mind.

While you may think that having a smart lock will make your life easier, there are also many other benefits to installing one of these devices. For example, you can forget about carrying around keys or using an access code every time you enter your house. You will also be able to track who is entering and leaving your home at any given time through an app on your smartphone or tablet.

In this post we’re going to take a look at 6 of the best smart locks that you can buy right now. Let’s get started!

Smart locks are the latest innovation in home security, and they are expected to be included in most homes in the future. It is no surprise that they can be controlled via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or through your smart phone. These types of smart door locks give you complete control over your lock and unlock it using fingerprint recognition or a keypad. The smart home locks listed below are top picks for 2016.

1. Kwikset Kevo (2nd gen) Touch-to-Open smart lock (best for iOS users)

2. Schlage Century Touchscreen Deadbolt (best for Android users)

3. August Smart Lock HomeKit Enabled

4. Lockitron Bolt

5. Goji Smart Lock

6. Kevo FOB

The recently published results of the 2016 American Housing Survey by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) reveal that the number of homes in the U.S. with internet access has increased from 70% in 2009 to 89% in 2015. The number of homes with smartphones has also increased from 29% to 60% over the same period.

The survey also reveals that, while many homeowners are still reluctant to embrace home automation, one in five homes now has at least one smart home device installed (e.g., a security camera, doorbell or thermostat). This figure includes 6% of homeowners who have installed a smart door lock and 5% who have installed a smart security camera.

Interestingly, only 1% of homeowners report having installed a smart alarm system, despite this being one of the first categories of home automation products to hit the consumer market and a category that dominates the European DIY home security market. This is likely due to an abundance of affordable options for traditional hardwired and wireless security systems that don’t require advanced technical skills for installation and activation (e.g., Frontpoint, SimpliSafe).

Despite this tepid adoption among homeowners, there are several promising developments on the horizon for home security automation enthusiasts

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