Top 5 Tech Gadgets For The Outdoorsy Bachelor

Everybody knows that the easiest way to attract a woman is with shiny objects. While that might not be the most ethical way to get attention, it appears to work: women are attracted to men with resources and gadgets.

The outdoorsy bachelor knows that technology makes everything better. Top 5 Tech Gadgets For The Outdoorsy Bachelor is a blog about the best new gear for the adventurous yet urban male.

The Top 5 Tech Gadgets For The Outdoorsy Bachelor blog reviews all sorts of gadgets, from rugged cars, to badass tech and “toys” for men. If it’s expensive and fun, we’ll probably like it!

We play favorites when it comes to gear, so if you’re looking for gear reviews or recommendations, you’ve come to the right place! We know what works and what is just a waste of money.

It’s that time of the week again. Time for our weekly rundown of the top 5 tech gadgets for the outdoorsy bachelor.

This week we’ll be looking at urban drones, water-proof bluetooth speakers, and a solar powered digital camera. As always, we’ve got something for every budget, so you can start with the $200 camera and end up with the $1,500 drone. Without further adieu:

1. The Mota JetJat Nano Drone (\$200)

2. The Olloclip 4-in-1 Lens Set for iPhone 6/6S (\$100)

3. The Polaroid Cube Digital Camera (\$150)

4. The Rokform Rugged Case (\$30)

5. The Logitech UE Boom Bluetooth Speaker (\$160)

Bachelors have a long list of gadgets that they like to have. It is not just about the cars, the stereo or home computing system. While these are great gadgets and good to have, most bachelors will not admit that they cannot live without their little gadgets. What are some of the best gadgets for the outdoorsy bachelor?

Here is our list of top 5 tech gadget must-haves:

1. Smartphone

2. Laptop

3. Power bank

4. Camera

5. Projector

There are many gadgets out there, and it’s hard to sort through them all. In this post, we’ll present our favorite tech gadgets for the outdoorsy bachelor.

1) Smartphone: A smartphone is a must-have gadget these days. You can use it to check your email, listen to music and play games. You can also use it as a GPS device when you’re hiking or biking with friends.

2) Ebook reader: An ebook reader will let you store hundreds of books on a small, lightweight device that you can take anywhere. If you like to read on vacation but hate lugging around heavy hardcovers, an ebook reader is for you.

3) GPS watch: A GPS watch will tell you how fast and how far you’ve gone on your bike rides or runs. Some also track your heart rate and include other cool features like calorie counters.

4) Camera: Cameras are another essential gadget for the outdoorsy bachelor. You’ll want to capture all those beautiful moments in nature so you can share them with family and friends later on.

5) Bluetooth speakers: These speakers let you play music from your smartphone while biking or hiking without having wires dangling everywhere or getting tangled up in trees! Now that we’ve covered

For the outdoorsy bachelor, the tech world has a lot to offer. Here are five of our favorite gadgets for men who like to get out there and get active.

It’s a great day for the outdoorsy bachelor. Life is full of adventure, and there’s no better way to enjoy that than with some cool gadgets. Here are some of the top choices for the single guy.

The iPhone is the most valuable tool for any man on the go. With this gadget in your pocket, you can check your e-mail, surf the web, get directions, or use any of a number of other useful apps wherever you are. And if you drop it in the lake while fishing or in the toilet while doing your business, who cares? You’re not married!

There are plenty of ways to enjoy music on the go, but nothing beats rocking out with a pair of Skullcandy headphones. The sound quality is much better than what comes with a standard mp3 player and they look great too. Plus if you have skull tattoos all over your body like I do, then these are a must have accessory.

There’s nothing like cuddling up next to a warm fire after a long day of hiking or hunting. But carrying around firewood and setting up campfires gets old pretty quick. If you want to spend more time relaxing by the fire and less time gathering wood, then get yourself one of these biomass stoves

What will you do when you’re lost in the woods? When you’re swimming with sharks? When you’re camping in the desert and your gal pal gets a flat tire? Well, if you’re a true outdoorsman, you’ll pull out one of these 5 amazing gadgets and get yourself out of that jam in no time.

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