Top 10 apps For Tech Lovers

Top 10 apps For Tech Lovers

A blog about the best apps for tech savvy people.

Monday, January 4, 2016

1. App Name: Bamboo Paper

Description: Take notes and draw on your tablet or phone with this app. Make lists, draw doodles and sketch out ideas. This app is available for Apple and Android devices.

2. App Name: InstaAgent 2

Description: See who is viewing your Instagram profile in real time with this app that is available on Apple devices only.

As a tech lover, I am always looking for apps that are interesting and useful. Here is a blog of the top ten apps for tech lovers:

The first app is a screen recorder. This app is great because it lets you show the world what you can do on your iPhone!

The second app is a video downloader. This makes it easy to download videos off YouTube and other sites so you can watch them later when you don’t have an internet connection.

The third app is one that lets you create your own memes. It’s called “Meme Generator” and it’s free!

The fourth app allows you to scan QR codes with your phone’s camera in order to get information about products or websites quickly and easily from anywhere in the world.

The fifth app lets you create PDF files from pictures taken with your phone’s camera or saved on the device itself – all without needing any additional software installed on either device.

The sixth app allows users to make calls over Wi-Fi using their cell phone number and data plan instead of paying per minute rates like traditional voice services charge per call made outside their network coverage area which can be expensive if traveling internationally abroad where roaming charges apply (i.e., when calling home).

The seventh app is

The technology has become an essential part of our life. People are now relaying on technology to execute their everyday activities with ease. From business owners to the youth of today, everyone is in love with the power of technology. People search for various apps that can help them to resolve their problem and make their life easier.

All you need is a smartphone or computer in order to use these apps and enhance your productivity. Here I am going to share top 10 apps that are a must-have for tech lovers:

1- Diagramly

Diagrams are used in almost every field whether it is education or business. To create professional looking diagrams, you will require a special tool or app. Diagramly is the best tool available online to create diagrams and charts without any coding knowledge. This tool can be used by students and teachers, as well as by business owners who want to present their data in front of others. You can easily create infographics using this tool. This tool also provides its own library where you can search for images and icons to use in your diagram.

A lot of people dream about having a perfect workstation with all the bells and whistles that will make working a breeze. But not everyone can afford to invest in the latest gear. Luckily for you, we have a list of the top 10 free apps that any tech lover can add to their arsenal. These are not only fun but functional applications.

1. Password Generator: Do you have a hard time keeping up with all your passwords? There are so many websites out there and they all require passwords that must contain a letter, number and special character! If you find yourself forgetting your passwords or writing them down on sticky notes, this is the app for you. The Password Generator app creates random passwords that are secure yet easy to remember so you don’t have to worry about your accounts getting hacked.

2. Sync: This is the ultimate backup app! It allows you to backup all of your contacts, calendars, music, videos, photos and documents to one secure location in the cloud so that they are accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. You can also share files with your friends via email or social media. This is great for anyone who works from home or travels frequently because it makes it easy to access important files from different locations.


If you are a tech lover, you would know that the world of technology is evolving at a very rapid pace. Every other day, there is new technology and new gadgets are created in the world of technology. And with the help of these gadgets we can make our works simpler and more efficient.

For instance, If you are looking for good software or apps for your PC, then you need to look into the internet and search for best PC apps. There is a wide range of websites and blogs which have listed top 10 apps for any type of gadget or device. In this article I will provide you information about some websites where you can get useful information about these applications.

Best Buy App: This is one of the most popular app in the market right now. This app will help you to buy anything at the best price in one click. You can even compare prices from different stores within one click. With this app, you can even buy things from different countries like USA and Canada, which are not available in your country.

eBay App: This app is also very popular among tech lovers as it helps them to buy and sell things online without having to go somewhere else. You can choose from different categories like electronics, fashion and many more while looking for something to

If you’re looking for ways to enhance your productivity or just stay on top of your day-to-day activities, then this blog is for you! From to-do list apps to apps that help you stay organized and get more done in less time, this blog will provide you with the best app recommendations.

A few years ago, we started a company called Buffer. Our goal was to create a better way to share on social media and to do so as transparently as possible. We decided that we would share everything about our company and nothing would be off limits.

We’ve been doing this for over three years now and it’s been an amazing adventure. We’re now over 30 people spread across 13 countries, we’ve raised over $3 million from investors like Naval Ravikant (cofounder of AngelList), Adam D’Angelo (cofounder of Quora), Paul Buchheit (creator of Gmail), Lee Linden (cofounder of Karma), Joshua Schachter (creator of Delicious) and many more, and recently took on a new round of funding from Founders Fund and Peter Thiel.

Our transparency experiment has grown into something much larger than we ever could have expected. Over the past few years, we


Evernote is a cloud-based note taking app that allows users to sync and save their information to multiple devices. Evernote gives you the ability to create text, voice, and photo notes. You can also use it to save pictures of whiteboards or documents. The app is completely free and very useful.


Wunderlist is a task management app available on iOS, Android, Mac, Windows Phone 8, Kindle Fire HD, and Windows Desktop. Wunderlist creates to do lists for your daily activities. You can share these lists with friends or family members so that everyone can be up-to-date on what needs to be accomplished. Wunderlist is free with the option to upgrade to a paid version that provides additional features.


Feedly is an RSS feed reader that allows users to subscribe to various news sources and blogs. It also has integration with Facebook and Twitter so you can share articles with your friends and followers. Feedly syncs across multiple devices so you have access to your subscriptions at home or on the go. The basic version is free but there are paid options as well.

Google Drive

Google Drive is Google’s cloud storage service that comes preinstalled on many Android devices.

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