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Mostly, the website will look at how technology has influenced various aspects of life such as education, culture, home and workplace, health, entertainment and interesting facts about technology.

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Smart technology is now all around us, from our mobile phones to our car keys and even the heating in our homes. Whilst this can often seem overwhelming and at times unnecessary, there are many positive effects that smart technology has on our day-to-day lives.

In this blog we will explore the impact that smart technology has had on a number of key areas:

• Education

• Health & fitness

• Home & lifestyle

• Work & finance

• Travel

• Leisure

As a result of the growing popularity of smartphones, people have become increasingly lazy. People are always on their phones whether it is at home or out in public. I noticed that people are constantly looking at their phones, and when I ask them what they’re doing on their phone, they usually respond with either “nothing” or “looking up something”. The reason why I asked them what they were doing on their phone is because I wanted to see if technology really has an impact on our lives. If people are constantly on their phone and there is literally nothing to do, then we can say that technology has become the center of our lives. What I found out was that technology has taken over a majority of everyone’s life.

I interviewed ten people about how technology affected them and this is what I found from my research:

8 out of 10 people admitted that they spend over four hours a day on their phones

7 out of 10 said that whenever they’re bored, they’ll get on their phone. And when they’re relaxed, they’ll also get on their phone. So basically, whenever you have time, you’ll use your phone.

6 out of 10 said that they couldn’t live without their phones for even one day. It is almost as if

This blog will be about how technology has effected me throughout my life. I believe that technology is an amazing thing that we should all embrace as a society. Technology can help us in many ways, especially in our daily lives. Technology not only keeps me connected with family and friends but it also makes my life easier. I will talk more about the benefits of technology throughout this blog.

As a kid I remember playing outside with my brother and my friends, riding bikes to school, going to the library and checking out books, playing video games and watching tv occasionally. As I grew up technology was created and made our lives easier, more efficient and entertaining. TV’s got bigger and better, video games advanced to new levels (Nintendo64), computers got faster, laptops arrived allowing you to have a computer at home or on the go, cell phones became smart phones allowing you to do anything from texting to emailing to surfing the web on your phone instead of being tied down to a computer.

Technology has changed our lives for the better for sure! Some people might argue that technology has caused people to become addicted or have less social interaction with others but I would disagree with them. Technology has opened up the world for us in so many ways that its hard not to like it

Smart technology is a term used to describe a wide variety of modern devices, including your smartphone, your smart TV and smart speakers, such as the Amazon Echo.

Smart technology is designed to make life more convenient and connected – think about how Alexa can play music, order pizza or turn off the lights just by asking it.

Smart technology isn’t just limited to home devices, though. Smart cars, for example, diagnose engine problems themselves and tell their owners what’s wrong. They can even alert mechanics when they need a service or repair!

I am a phone person. In fact, I love phones. And I love technology. I’m a techie and I’m proud of it!

I spend a lot of time on my phone. Not just for work related activities like answering emails or scheduling meetings, but also during my personal time. My phone is the first thing I look at in the morning and the last thing I look at before going to bed. If it’s not in sight I freak out, so even when I go to the bathroom, I bring it with me (weird, I know). But the point is that my phone is a big part of my life and until recently, if you asked me how much time do you spend on your phone per day? I would have answered about 2-4 hours. The truth was that it was more than 5 or 6 hours and if you added all the digital devices such as TV, computer or tablet it could get to 10 hours or more. In fact, our average daily screen time in this country is 10 hours 29 minutes according to Nielsen research from 2017. That’s crazy!

Intelligent technology has been invented to make life easier for us. The best example is the smart watch that was invented with the intention of reducing the size of the phone. This is a great invention because it has helped people save space in their pockets and bags. Smartphones are still on the market, but they are no longer as popular as they used to be since you can now use your wristwatch to perform most functions.

The second example of smart technology is the smart car. These cars have been designed to drive themselves without any input from the driver. It is important to note that these cars are not only safer than other types of vehicles, but also more environmental friendly because they do not produce as much carbon emissions as conventional cars.

Another type of smart technology that has made our lives easier is smart devices such as phones and computers. These devices have been designed with artificial intelligence capabilities so that they can learn new things and interact with people in ways that were not possible before the invention of this type of technology. For instance, if you own a smartphone, it will automatically recognize your face when you enter your home or office building and open up an app for you without requiring any input from you at all!

Smart devices allow us to connect with others through social media platforms

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