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10 Steps to Get Started: a blog around getting into app development.

The other day I sent an email to a new acquaintance, and it got me thinking. It was a simple email, where I just introduced myself and said that I wanted to ask her a few questions about her career as an app developer.

What happened next was a pleasant surprise: she gave me the greatest gift I could have asked for the gift of time. She spent time with me. She answered my questions and gave me insight into what it takes to be an app developer. She also shared with me resources to get started, which I’m going to share with you here!

I want to give you a big hug right now! You see, if you’re reading this blog post, then you’re probably interested in becoming an app developer too. Or maybe you know someone who is interested in being a developer. Well, I’ve got great news for you: there are tons of resources out there to help you get started as an app developer. So here’s what we’re going to do: we’re going to spend time together. We’re going to go through each step of the process of becoming an app developer and point you in the direction of online resources that will help you along

The idea of becoming a developer has been quite appealing to me for quite sometime. I have always enjoyed working with computers, troubleshooting them, and fixing them. However, I have never really pursued that path as much as I would like to. But, with the growing number of opportunities in this field (thanks to the rapidly growing industry), I feel as though maybe now is the time to enter into this world.

I am not sure how to get started from scratch. What should I do first? Should I go back to school? Take some online courses?

This blog will track my progress and devotion to getting into app development and starting a career in this field. Hopefully, this will also help out other people who are thinking about going into app development but are not sure where or how to start.

Hey everyone,

I’ve been building iPhone apps for the last 2 years, and I’ve learned quite a bit about the process. I’ve decided to start a blog on how to get started building iPhone apps, and I’ll also be posting updates on what I’m working on.

Here’s the first post:

If you have any questions about the topic, please don’t hesitate to ask!

If you are a professional developer who wants to get into the mobile app space, this article is for you. I am assuming you have some experience in software development and can code (in any language). If not, I suggest you start with learning how to code.

Step 1: Choose a platform

The first decision you have to make is whether you want to develop for Android or iOS. Both platforms have their pros and cons, but my recommendation is to develop for both. Although there will be some effort to do so, it will give your app the best chance at success. You can also try cross-platform tools like PhoneGap (see below) to help reduce the effort of developing for multiple platforms. Just keep in mind that these tools are not always 100% compatible with the native platforms, so there is still some development work that needs to happen on both Android and iOS.

Step 2: Learn how apps work

If you are new to app development, it is important that you learn how they work before moving forward. The best way to do this is by downloading apps from Google Play and iTunes and testing them yourself. Taking this step will give you a better feel for what good apps look like as well as help build your library of features that

You want to become a developer. You don’t know where to begin, but you know you want to do it, and do it right.

You have the passion, the dedication and the will to succeed. Now all you need is some guidance. Below are 10 steps that will help guide you on your way to becoming a developer.

1) Download Xcode, which is Apple’s IDE (integrated development environment) for both Mac and iOS apps. Xcode is free and you can find it in the app store.

2) Subscribe to some good iOS development blogs. Some examples of good blogs are: NSHipster, Big Nerd Ranch Blog, Objective C Cheat Sheet, Cocoa Is My Girlfriend, Cocoa Controls and Cocoa With Love. If you’re going to become a developer you need to read about development every day. You can subscribe to blogs via email or RSS feed. It doesn’t really matter how you do it as long as you read them every day. Reading about other developers problems and successes will help inspire your own work and keep you motivated. [You want to stay motivated if you are going to learn how to program.]

3) Read about Swift (Apple’s new language for developing apps).

So you want to become a developer? Great! Where do you start?

I was asked this question recently and decided to write up an answer. It is important to remember that this isn’t the only way to get started, it’s just my way. This will be a series of 10 blog posts. In these 10 steps I will show how I got started.

1) The Basics: Get a computer and internet access. I don’t care which computer you have or what type of internet connection you have. Just get something, because at this point that’s all you need. The best part is that most of us already have these things so they cost nothing to acquire.

2) Research: Research programming languages, web frameworks, and databases as much as possible. You’re going to hear a lot of different opinions about which language or framework is right for you, but don’t worry about that yet. Also, don’t let people tell you what not to learn because they think it’s useless or because they had a bad experience with it in the past. All languages are useful and each has their place; some languages are even useful for more than one purpose!

3) Learn: Pick a language, any language! Learn the basics and start writing programs using

I’ve always aspired to be an iPhone developer since I first got into iOS development. I think it’s a great feeling to show off your work and get feedback from your users. For the past 2 months, I’ve been working on my first app and learning about the Apple ecosystem in depth. Here’s my take on how you can get started in iOS Development.

If you’re new here, check out this page for more info about this blog!

1. Get a Mac!

This is by far the most important step. You need a Mac to make iOS apps. Sorry Windows/Ubuntu users… If you don’t have a Mac and don’t want to buy one, you can always use Apple’s cloud based development environment called iCloud. It’s not as powerful as Xcode but will get your job done if you’re just learning Swift or Objective-C.

2. Install Xcode

Xcode is the IDE used to develop iOS apps (and Mac apps). It contains everything you need for developing iOS apps and is available for free from the mac app store. You also need to install the command line tools for Xcode (this is needed for development). Go to Xcode > Preferences > Downloads > Components and download Command Line Tools from there

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