Brand Strategy for your Startup

Brand Strategy for your Startup: A blog on tips, techniques and strategy to help startups with their brand.

A startup’s brand strategy can make or break the success of the business. With so many new companies entering the market each day, it is critical for a startup to create a unique identity for itself. Because of limited budgets and resources, this is even more important for startups. The right brand strategy can give you an edge over competitors and help you obtain that coveted customer loyalty.

Brand Strategy for your Startup: A blog on tips, techniques and strategy to help startups with their brand.

We’ve had a great response from our previous article on Branding for Startups. Today we take a look at the brand strategy for your startup. Having a well thought out strategy can help you avoid confusion with your audience and make sure that you stick to your core message as you grow your startup.

Some Basics on Branding

Branding is the process of creating a consistent message that will shape your product or service in the minds of your audience. It’s essentially a promise to them about what they will experience when they interact with you. Your brand may not be the same as your company name, logo or tagline, but all of these elements should consistently reinforce it.

Brand Strategy for your Startup

Posted on April 15, 2016 by Raj Choudhury

The need to establish a strong brand identity is crucial for any startup in this day and age. With the ever increasing competition and the availability of tools to reach out to a wide audience, startups have to focus their energies on building a solid brand.

Most startups believe that the first step towards building their brand is having a great logo design. Yes, it is true that logos play an important part in your brand identity; however, it is not the only thing that defines your brand.

Your logo is just one of the many elements that make up your brand, so there is no point in spending all your time and energy on creating something you would be happy with. Your logo design should reflect the values and vision of your company but there are other things you need to consider once you’re done with your logo design.

There are many things that need to be considered when forming a brand strategy for a startup; let us take a look at some of them:

What makes you different? – One of the biggest challenges for any business trying to get established in the market is being able to differentiate themselves from competition. If you want your customers/clients to remember you

The Brand Strategy for your Startup.

Perhaps you are a startup that wants to build your brand. You have a good product and some initial traction, but you want to do more.

You may be looking for guidance on how to go about this, and wondering if there is a magic formula or secret sauce to doing so. There isn’t. Building a brand is hard work, and it’s a complex process with many different aspects to it.

The first thing you need to do is get clear on the basics – which you can read about here:

10 Tips for Building a Brand Strategy for your Startup.

And, once you know the basics, then you need to come up with an effective strategy for executing on them. This can include everything from figuring out your brand story, refining your messaging, defining your look and feel, and deciding what tactics will help you drive awareness and engagement for your brand.

Here are 5 tips for building such a strategy:

“So, you are a startup founder. You have an idea, a product, or a service that you think could make life easier. You think that people will love it, and if they don’t – well then you will use guerilla marketing to make them buy it and like it anyways.”

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