9 Breakthroughs In Smarphone Technology from the Past Year

Here are 9 of the biggest breakthroughs in smartphone technology over the past year.

9.) Dual SIM cards: Dual SIM cards have been around for a while, but they still haven’t really caught on in the U.S. That’s unfortunate, because they can be really convenient and useful. They’re usually only available on low-end phones, though, so it’s tough to find one without sacrificing hardware quality. Not any more! Starting last year, a number of major manufacturers have started selling high-end dual SIM phones.

8.) Fingerprint scanners: Fingerprint scanners have a lot of cool possibilities: you could use them as an extra layer of security on your phone, or purchase apps just by scanning your finger instead of entering a password! Unfortunately, fingerprint scanners are still pretty new and there aren’t that many great uses for them yet. Still, it’s a good step forward for security, and with any luck we’ll start seeing some cool new things done with them very soon.

7.) More powerful processors: High-end phones are getting faster and faster every year. The latest Samsung Galaxy has a 2.5 GHz quad core processor that makes it about 3x as fast as the first iPhone (which came out in 2007). That kind of

The past year has been exciting for smartphones. We’ve seen a number of new technologies, like 3D touch and Force Touch, and new features, like Live Photos. Here is a list of the 9 best technology breakthroughs from the past year:

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1. Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is the closest we have gotten to true wireless technology. No more fumbling around for your charger or searching for an outlet when your phone is about to die.

The convenience of being able to simply drop your phone onto a pad and never have to think about it again is why this has become the most popular new feature in phones over the past year. This, combined with smart watches that also use wireless charging makes this technology one of the most revolutionary so far.

plastic fingerprint scanner, fast charging, AMOLED display, wireless charging, water resistance, better audio quality, dual-lens cameras and improved low-light capabilities

Apple’s iPhone has been the most popular smartphone since its release in 2007. The first generation iPhone, and subsequent models, changed the way we use our phones. The iPhone replaced MP3 players, digital cameras, and other gadgets with one small handheld device that was capable of so many different tasks.

Android is widely regarded as the best phone for those who want a more customizable experience when using their device. An Android phone allows you to add widgets to your home screen, change the appearance of icons, or completely replace the operating system with another version if you want to do so.

The two devices have always been regarded as competitors for the same market share of consumers. Android and iOS devices are both considered smartphones because they both offer features such as internet access, social media integration, GPS navigation, taking photos and videos, and countless other apps that can be downloaded from app stores.

1. Wireless Charging

2. Waterproofing

3. Iris Scanning

4. 4K Display

5. Samsung S Pen & Smart Select

6. Mobile VR

7. Improved Battery Life and Fast Charging

8. USB Type-C and Thunderbolt 3

9. Better Cameras

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