5 Ways Digital Marketing Will Change in 2018

The landscape for digital marketing is always changing, and 2018 will be no exception. We’ve seen a lot of changes over the past few years and we are definitely in store for some more in the coming year.

Digital marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as easy as a few clicks of a mouse. But because we are constantly bombarded with new technology, ideas, and strategies it can get overwhelming.

In this article, I am going to highlight 5 ways that digital marketing will change in 2018. These are my own personal predictions based upon what we have seen happen so far in 2017 and where I think it is headed in the upcoming year.

I am also going to share with you some ideas that you should consider if you plan on continuing to do marketing in the year(s) to come!

The landscape of digital marketing will continue to evolve in 2018, leaving many marketers wondering what’s next. Here are five ways that digital marketing will change in 2018.

1. The rise of the conversational interface

2. The end of demographic targeting

3. Privacy regulations and consumer activism

4. Visual search and augmented reality

5. The end of scale

While these trends may sound ominous, they actually present some great opportunities for marketers if you know how to find them. Learn more about how these trends will affect your marketing strategy in 2018 and beyond [here](https://www.business2community.com/digital-marketing/5-ways-digital-marketing-will-change-2018-01947539).

Digital marketing is continuously evolving. With the emergence of new technologies and changes in consumer behavior, it’s only a matter of time before the next big thing takes over the digital marketing industry.

Here are 5 ways digital marketing will change in 2018:

1. Voice search

2. Augmented reality and virtual reality

3. Chatbots

4. Artificial intelligence

5. Live video

2018 is right around the corner, and with it comes a new set of digital marketing trends. Just as each year brings new trends, it also leaves behind some old ones.

Of course, this isn’t to say that every trend from 2017 is dead – far from it. If anything, the following trends are simply evolving with technology. The face of marketing is changing thanks to new technologies, and this means that marketers need to adapt their strategies if they want to stay relevant.

So what do you need to know about digital marketing in 2018? Here are five of the top trends you can expect:

Digital marketing is constantly evolving. In fact, you may have already seen some of the biggest changes in digital marketing this year. Changes like prioritizing mobile optimization and creating more interactive content are becoming the new standard. And as 2018 quickly approaches, it’s time to start thinking about what will be different in an upcoming year.

If you’re curious about how digital marketing will change in 2018, we’ve got you covered. Here are five trends that we think are most likely to take off in the next 12 months.

1. Video Will Become Even More Important

Marketing through video has skyrocketed over the past few years and there is no indication of this trend slowing down anytime soon. In fact, video is expected to account for more than 80% of all internet traffic by 2019. This shows that video is not only becoming more important but also more necessary for marketers who want to thrive in their industries. If you haven’t invested heavily in video up to this point, now is the time to do so.

2. Voice Search Will Continue to Grow

Voice search has been around for quite some time now and the numbers surrounding voice searches continue to grow at alarming rates each year. Now, it’s estimated that 20% of all mobile searches are voice searches! With this

1. The Technology Will Get Better

Marketing technology is evolving at an incredible pace, making it difficult for marketers to keep up. As AI continues to improve, marketers will be able to execute even more advanced tasks without human involvement.

2. Digital Marketing Platforms Will Become Even More Popular

Digital marketing platforms can be expensive, but they’re incredibly helpful and allow marketers to spend more time focusing on the strategy and implementation of campaigns instead of getting bogged down in administrative tasks.

3. Content Marketing Will Continue to Evolve

Marketers will continue to rely heavily on content marketing this year, but we’ll see a shift away from traditional blogging in favor of more interactive forms of content like interactive infographics and quizzes.

4. There Will Be an Increase in Voice Search

As voice search becomes even more popular, marketers will need to optimize their websites and content for voice search. This includes creating long-tail keyword phrases that match the way people speak instead of the way they type.

5. More Companies Will Focus on Influencer Marketing

More companies will focus on influencer marketing this year as a way to engage with their target audiences in authentic ways through people they trust.

1. Content marketing will become more visual

2. Voice search and virtual assistants are the future of search

3. Influencer marketing will grow further

4. The rise of chatbots and instant messaging apps

5. Micro-moments are becoming more important

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