10 Things You Should Never Do On A Phablet

A phablet is a smart phone that has a screen size of 5.5 inches or larger. The term was first introduced by the Taiwanese company HTC with the launch of the HTC HD2 in 2009. It is a portmanteau of the words phone and tablet.

Smart phones with screens smaller than 5.5 inches are referred to as “small screen” devices, while those with screens measuring more than 5.5 inches are called “phablets” and those with screens between 4 and 6 inches as “mini tablets”.

Phablets have large displays that are more suitable for viewing web pages and videos than smart phones while their compact size make them more portable than tablets. The large displays are also suitable for reading e books and digital magazines, viewing photos, playing games, watching movies and TV shows, using them as GPS navigation devices and for carrying out video calls using applications such as Skype. Their large screens also allow users to easily use multi touch gestures including pinch-to-zoom, rotating images with two fingers or swiping across the screen to scroll through web pages or flip through pictures in an album.

Here are 10 things you should never do on a phablet:

TEN THINGS you should NEVER do on a phablet1. Don’t hold it like a phone. You can’t reach all the corners of your screen with one hand. So, don’t even try to hold it like a phone (pinky finger out). If you’re right handed, hold it in your right hand and use your thumb to navigate the screen. If you’re left-handed, hold it in your left hand, and use your thumb to navigate the screen.2. Don’t flip your phablet to answer phone calls because you’ll look silly. Your ear is not big enough for that kind of stuff!3. Don’t play games on it unless you have an external Bluetooth controller handy for gaming.4. Don’t take photos with it, unless you have really long arms…or if you plan on using it as a mirror for selfies or for capturing photos of the back of your head5. Don’t read books or magazines with it because if you do, people will think that you’re trying to watch a movie or that you’re reading something from afar (like someone’s name on their shirt or badge)6. Don’t use two hands when typing an email7. Don’t browse the web while eating with one hand8

It is not easy to tell the difference between a phablet and a tablet, but the truth is that they are two different gadgets. The phablet is somewhere in between a smartphone and tablet and has some of their features. This gadget was first made popular by Samsung’s Galaxy Note which had a 5.3 inch display. So, what is a phablet? It can be described as a smartphone with a large (5 inches or greater) display size. An example of this gadget is Nokia Lumia 1520 which has a 6-inch screen. Although phablets have gained popularity in recent times, there are still some people who do not like them because they are awkward to use and hold.

Here are ten things you should never do with your phablet:

It’s a phablet. It’s also a phone. And it has a tablet, too. So what can you do with the Samsung Galaxy Note? Here are 10 things you should never try.

1. You should never use it as a rowing machine in the gym

2. You should never use it as a hockey puck when you get bored at work

3. You should never use it as an umbrella when it rains

4. You should never use it as a snowboard on the slopes

5. You should never use it as a baseball bat during your next beer game

6. You should never use it to make calls when you are not supposed to (like during school or work)

7. You should never use it to play angry birds when you are on the toilet (unless you want to drop your phone into the bowl)

8. You should never put your phablet in your pocket because there is no such thing as “pocket size” when it comes to this device

9. You should never use your phablet to take selfies since there’s always less room for your face. Plus, the camera is usually on its backside, so you can forget about taking

In the beginning, there was the smartphone. And it was good. Then came the phablet, and with it, everything changed. Now that these oversized smartphones are everywhere, though, there are some things you should never do on them in public. Here are 10 of them:

1. Never be seen with a phablet in your pants pocket.

Do you really want people to see the outline of your phone through your clothes? I’m not saying you should walk around with your phone sticking out of your back pocket like a wallet–that’s just asking for trouble–but at least keep it in a coat pocket. If you’re going to wear sweatpants or shorts without pockets, just leave your device at home or in your car–you’ll probably lose it if you bring it along.

2. Never try using two hands to take a call on a phablet.

It would be one thing if this were an issue only for women; we’ve all seen photos and videos of women trying to use their phones with both hands while holding grocery bags or toddler-reins in the other hand. But nowadays men are equally likely to keep their hands full when they’re out and about–so trying to use a

The larger screen of a phablet is an asset to anyone who likes to watch movies, play games or read on their phone. But it can also be a hazard if you’re not careful. Here are some common mistakes people make when using phablets.

1. Put the phone in your pocket

2. Answer a call without a headset

3. Hold it up to your ear to talk

4. Talk loudly in public places

5. Watch videos while standing in crowded places

6. Use it while eating with others

7. Text while walking

8. Watch videos while eating

9. Hold it in one hand (with one finger) to take photos

10. Ignore the battery life

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