Why You Shouldn’t Go for the iPhone X

Apple has a new product that is set to release on November 3rd, 2017. The iPhone x is an upgrade to their previous iPhones. What makes it different? The x will have facial recognition, no home button, and a bigger screen. However, all this comes at a price of $999. Should you get it?

The phone’s facial recognition is not as secure as Apple says it is. In fact, hackers at the Chaos Computer Club in Germany have already fooled the iPhone X facial recognition software with just a mask. A simple mask was able to trick the phone into thinking it was someone else. In other words, if your phone gets stolen and a criminal tries to access your information, they can easily do so by accessing your phone with a mask of your face.

The iPhone X doesn’t even have a home button anymore! This might be convenient for some people who hate having a home button and accidentally clicking on it while trying to use something else on the phone, but for others this might be problematic. You see without the home button you now have to swipe up from the bottom of the screen in order to return to your home page/apps page. This seems great and all until Apple starts adding more features for us to access that

So Apple announced their new iPhone device, the iPhone X. If you haven’t seen any of the countless ads and commercials for it, here are some details: The iPhone X is essentially a larger version of the iPhone 8 with a few extra features. It will cost $1000 and comes in two colors (silver and space gray).

So what makes this device so special? Well, there are a few notable additions to the phone: There is no home button, the screen size has been increased, it supports wireless charging (finally), and there’s a new feature called Face ID which uses facial recognition to unlock your phone.

However, let me tell you why this phone is not worth buying.

The first reason is that it’s too expensive. $1000 for a cell phone?! There are plenty of other phones out there that cost less than half of that price that work just as well as an iPhone X. You could buy 3 of them for the same price!

Another reason why this phone isn’t worth buying is because of its battery life. According to Apple’s website the battery life on this phone lasts 2 hours longer than the iPhone 7, which is only 10 hours long. That means when you buy this

Apple just released the new iPhone X, and people are already lined up outside of their local Apple stores. The iPhone X is the newest phone to come out from Apple and is one of their most expensive phones yet. Some people will be paying upwards of $1,000 for their new phone, so I’m here to tell you why you shouldn’t buy this new phone.

The biggest reason why the iPhone X should be avoided is because it has a ridiculous price tag. It starts at $999, but if you want too much storage space, then it can easily cost over $1,000. This is way too expensive for a phone that isn’t even that great.

Another reason why the iPhone X should be avoided is because its battery life stinks. It only has 2 hours of battery life greater than an iPhone 8 Plus, which has 3 more hours of battery life than the previous 7 Plus. However, both the 8 Plus and previous 7 Plus were two terrible phones whose batteries were practically non-existent.

Finally, the iPhone X should not be bought because it doesn’t have a headphone jack like all other iPhones before it had. Apple is trying to get rid of headphone jacks so that they can make more money

Apple has recently unveiled their latest, greatest phone: The iPhone X. Having bought a brand new iPhone X, I can safely say that the phone is all hype, no substance.

If you are considering buying the iPhone X, don’t. It’s not worth your money. Apple has been going downhill ever since Steve Jobs died, and the new phone is no exception.

For starters, it’s ridiculously expensive. $999 dollars for 64GB? You would think that you could get a better deal than that. Even when you buy the 256GB model, which is double the price at $1999 dollars, you aren’t getting double the features for your money. Sure it comes with more storage space and a slightly better camera, but really? $2000? For what?

The screen isn’t even that impressive! It’s only 5.8 inches, with a resolution of 2436×1125 pixels. To put that into perspective: The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a 5.8 inch screen with 2960×1440 pixel resolution, meaning that it actually has fewer pixels per inch than the iPhone X!

And we haven’t even begun to talk about how bad Face ID is–but

Apple is a much-loved company. As of today, they have announced their new iPhoneX and there has been a lot of buzz about this phone. However, some of the features on this phone are not worth the price.

Many people are excited about this phone because of the ability to unlock it using your face. Although it sounds convenient to unlock your phone using your face, it may be more complicated than you think. There will be times when you need to wear sunglasses for protection from the sun and in those situations, unlocking your phone will be impossible.

Another feature that is being advertised is the ability to take pictures from both cameras at once and create a 3D effect. This feature may sound cool but if you want a high quality picture you must use good lighting conditions. If you take a picture in bad lighting conditions or far away from the subject matter, then the photo may not turn out as well as you had hoped. Also, many people do not enjoy having their face in every photo so being able to take a picture with no one in it would be a bonus for those people.

If you get this phone, you will also have to buy a wireless charger because the new iPhoneX no longer has the home button; therefore, there is no

Apple has finally released their update to the iPhone lineup with their 10th anniversary edition of the popular device. It is rumored to have a complete redesign and some new amazing features. But as always, Apple has a habit of releasing phones that are severely crippled on release, only for you to buy the next version 6 months later. The iPhone X is no different, here are some reasons why you shouldn’t go for it.

Apple has added yet another feature to the list of useless things in an iPhone. The “new” super retina display is just a gimmick to get people to buy it. They claim that it will give you a better visual experience but whats the point when all you do is stare at a rectangle all day long? I don’t care about how good my visuals are when I am staring at a screen all day long. I would rather not waste my money on something that won’t improve my life in any way. In fact, they could just remove the screen and add a speaker that reads notifications out loud like in Knight Rider and I would still buy it because I am so addicted to my phone.

Apple has also decided to remove home button this time around and replace it with some gesture based controls because they think we will like it better. But whats wrong

When Apple announced the new iPhone X, my first thought was “why would anyone spend $1,000 on a phone?” The iPhone 8 is just like the X except for the bezel-less screen and facial recognition. The iPhone 8 is $200 cheaper and still has the same specs as the X. Why would anyone want to pre-order something that is just as good for $200 cheaper? Apple’s new top of the line phone is a waste of money and I think everyone should get the iPhone 8.

The iPhone X’s main selling point is its bezel-less screen and facial recognition. The iPhone 8 has a touch ID fingerprint sensor that works amazing. There are countless articles online about how accurate it is and how fast it unlocks your phone in comparison to facial recognition. It doesn’t matter if you have an edge to edge screen if you have to hold your phone in front of your face to unlock it because of poor facial recognition technology!

Along with its inferior facial recognition, the iPhone X also has an inferior camera compared to the 8 Plus. The X only has two lenses while the 8 Plus has three. Even though it does not have as many lenses, Apple says that it takes better pictures than the 8 Plus because of its new

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