Top 8 Most Stylish USBs You Can Wear As Jewelry

USB flash drives have come a long way since their invention in 1998. Early models only had an 8 MB capacity and could be used to store no more than 2,000 Word documents. Now that the technology has improved to include large storage devices and high speed interfaces, USB sticks have become an everyday accessory.

The main function of a flash drive is to transport data from one computer to another; however, a new trend is emerging that focuses on the aesthetic value of USBs as well as their functionality.

USB memory sticks are now available in all sorts of shapes and sizes, including hearts, flowers, shoes and even sushi! Here are our favourite eight fashionably functional USBs that you can wear as jewelry.

We’re just a couple of weeks away from the official start of summer, and that means it’s time to heat things up with some extra fashionable accessories. These days the best accessories are both stylish and functional. And if you love jewelry but also need a place to store your important data, why not kill two birds with one stone? Invest in some USB bling that doubles as a flash drive.

Today we’re taking a look at 8 of the most fashionable USB drives available online. Read on to see our picks for the most stylish USBs you can wear as jewelry!

1. The Hello Kitty USB Bracelet

2. The Key To My Heart USB Necklace

3. The Eiffel Tower USB Necklace

4. The Flash Drive Ring

5. The Colorful Beaded USB Necklace

6. The Miami Vice Flash Drive

7. The Rose Gold Monogrammed Flash Drive Bracelet

8. The Fingerprint Bracelet

When it comes to gadgets and storage devices, the rule is always the same: size matters. But in the world of USB sticks, this rule is not always applicable. There are a lot of USB designs available in the market today that are practical and stylish at the same time. These tiny gadgets may vary in terms of design, style and storage capacity but one thing is for sure: they are all useful for everyone who uses a computer or laptop.

Many people tend to misplace their USB drive because they keep them inside their pockets or bags where there is a possibility that other people might take them by mistake (although it can be intentional too). To avoid this problem, you can use a stylish USB stick that you can wear as jewelry. Below are some of the most stylish USBs that you can use as accessories when you are at work or when you’re going out with friends.

USBs are the best thing to hit the tech world since, well, ever. Theyre small, portable, and travel easily. And now you can wear your USB as jewelry! We think thats pretty cool. So, weve compiled a list of the most stylish USB sticks that double as jewelryyoull be sure to find something thats just your style!

1: Dangle USBs

First up on our list of stylish USBs are these dangle USBs. They come in all different colors and shapes so you can mix and match to create a look thats all your own! These are great for everyday wear or dressing up for date night. These can be worn with anything!

2: Bracelet USBs

These bracelet-style USB drives are our favorite on the list. Theres no need to carry around a bulky case when you can just wear it on your wrist! Which one will you choose?

3: Heart-Shaped USBs

The I Heart Stick is a uniquely designed heart-shaped thumb drive that will definitely be a conversation piece time and time again! Its perfect for anyone who wants to show their love for data storage with a little bit of flair.

4: Glow-in-the-Dark Jellyfish


USB drives are the new floppy disks. They’re the new flash memory. They’re the new hotness, a must have accessory for any tech savvy person out there. What’s better than having a tiny little storage drive hanging on your key chain?

Oh wait. It’s not just a tiny little storage drive. It’s actually a piece of jewelry. A USB stick that is so stylish and trendy you can wear it as an accessory with anything in your closet that day.

Sounds awesome, right? Well we’ve got 8 of the most stylish USBs around to show off to you and get you all excited about accessorizing your style with these fashionable gadgets and technologies today!

There’s nothing like a good list, so let’s get started:

From the earliest days of the USB flash drive, people have been trying to make them more stylish. Most fail by trying too hard to disguise the flash drive as something else—a key, a pen, a watch. The best USBs are those that integrate the function with fashion.

I’ve rounded up my favorite stylish USBs from around the web that you can actually wear as jewelry. And if you know of others, please let me know about them in the comments!

In the age of cloud storage, why are we still carrying USB drives around? Because they’re convenient. They’re small and easy to carry, and we don’t always have internet access. But there’s really no reason for them to be ugly! So here are a few companies that have tried to stuff style into our pockets.

1: Porthole USB Bracelet – The Porthole USB Bracelet is a nice twist on the standard thumb drive design. It has 4GB of memory, more than enough to hold your mp3s, photos and documents, but it also looks like a nice accessory. It’s all metal, with a brushed finish, so it looks more like jewelry than tech.

2: USB Bracelet Flash Drive – The USB bracelet flash drive is another accessory that combines useful and fashionable. It’s made from silicone rubber (which makes it flexible) with 8GB of memory hidden inside the bracelet part. You can even get one engraved with your name or initials!

3: Rubber Bracelet Flash Drive – This is similar to the previous bracelet but with a different shape and different colors. You can choose between black or red silicone bands, with up to 8GB of memory hidden inside the band.

4: USB

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