Top 8 Gadgets For the Eco-Friendly Earth-Lover

Here are the Top 8 Gadgets for the Eco-Friendly Earth-Lover. These gadgets are not only useful, but there’s an environmental benefit to each one.

1. The Solar Powered Laptop Charger

2. The Wind Up Radio

3. The Solar Powered Portable Speaker

4. The Solar Powered Phone Charger

5. The Recycled Plastic Grocery Bag Dispenser

6. The Water Powered Alarm Clock

7. The Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Carabiner Handle

8. The Bamboo iPad Stand

With the holiday shopping season quickly approaching, people will be looking for the perfect gifts to buy their loved ones. Although the Internet is full of gift guides, it can be hard to find one that encompasses the eco-friendly lifestyle.

So I present to you, my top 8 gadgets for the eco-friendly earth-lover:

1. Paww WaveSound 3 Bluetooth Headphones: These sleek headphones offer incredible sound quality with built-in noise cancellation. The WaveSound 3s are rechargeable and have a 20 hour battery life! What’s even better is that these stylish headphones are made of faux leather and are 100% cruelty free.

2. Nest Learning Thermostat: This device offers automatic temperature control that can save users up to 10% on their heating bills and up to 15% on cooling bills. The Nest Thermostat is easy to install and automatically adjusts itself while learning your preferred settings over time.

3. Quirky PowerCurl Cord Wrap: This gadget allows you to wrap your wires up easily in order to keep them from tangling and taking up space in your bag or pocket. The PowerCurl can adjust to fit different sized wires and has ridges in order to make plugging things back in simpler as well

8. Solar Phone Charger

7. Eco-Friendly Water Bottle

6. Solar Powered Flashlight

5. Aluminum Juice Boxes

4. Biodegradable Pots for Seedlings

3. Hybrid Cars (We know these aren’t gadgets, but we had to throw them on the list!)

2. Solar Powered Laptop Bags/Backpacks

1. The Prius 😉

1. The Bike Light Charger: This device lets you recharge your flashlight while on a night-time bike ride. It fits over the front tire and generates electricity by taking advantage of the kinetic energy produced when riding.

2. Solar Sunglasses: These sunglasses have solar panels in the lenses that charge the battery in the frame. When fully charged the battery can power several devices such as an MP3 player or cell phone. The glasses can also be used to charge batteries for other devices using a USB port.

3. Solar Laptop Bag: A laptop bag with solar panels attached to it is not only eco-friendly, but also convenient for travelers who need to constantly recharge their computers on the go.

4. Biodegradable Plastic Bags: These bags decompose in two months instead of years like conventional plastic bags, and are made from renewable resources such as vegetable oil and cornstarch.

5. Reusable Water Bottle: This is an easy way to replace bottled water with tap water and reduce plastic waste, plus you will save money!

6. Environmentally Friendly Clothing: Organic cotton clothing is made without harmful pesticides or chemicals, which is kinder on both your skin and the environment. There are also some innovative designs made from recycled products

Lights made out of recycled glass bottles! These lights are not only eco-friendly, but they also look fantastic. This is a great way to recycle glass bottles and turn them into something new and creative.

Rechargeable batteries! Investing in rechargeable batteries is the perfect way to make your house more eco-friendly. Most rechargeable AA batteries can be recharged over 500 times before needing replacement, saving you money and saving the environment from needing to manufacture new batteries every time you need to buy a fresh one.

Water filter jugs! Filtering your own water is a great way to reduce waste, save money and protect the environment from the toxic chemicals that are used in many commercial water filtration processes. Using a water filter jug will ensure that you always have clean, filtered water available at home, whilst still protecting the environment.

Solar charger! Solar chargers are an ideal way to charge your phone or other electronic devices without having to use mains electricity. These chargers work by harnessing the energy of the sun and converting it into electrical energy, which can then be used to power your devices when you’re out and about. Because they don’t require any mains electricity, solar chargers are completely eco-friendly and won’t damage

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