Top 5 iPhone Apps for Dads and Grads

IPhone apps are becoming more popular with the advent of the latest technology and smartphone innovations. With the iPhone in particular, being a phone that is so much more than just a phone, there are many useful applications for dads and grads. This article will list 5 top iPhone apps for Dads and Grads.

1. To Do

This is an easy way to keep track of your daily tasks. Entering tasks is easy, and you can even assign priority levels to them, just in case some things need to be done before others. You can also set a deadline for certain tasks if they have time-sensitive requirements. The To Do app will also send you a reminder if another task needs to be completed before the current one you are working on. This is a great tool to have at hand when you need to finish more than one task at hand!

2. CamCard

This is one of the top 5 iPhone apps for Dads and Grads because both often find themselves in situations where they need to exchange business cards or contact information with other people at networking events and meetings. CamCard lets users scan physical business cards into their phones using the iPhone’s camera, then automatically stores all of the contact’s information into their address book for easy retrieval in the

There are plenty of ways to customize your iPhone, and it’s probably one of the most interesting technology gadgets on the market right now. But with all of this exciting gadgetry, what is a dad or a grad to do? There are thousands of applications available for iPhone users, but which ones are the best for dads and grads? We’ve got the top five, to help you narrow down your choices.

1. Pandora Radio: This app lets you listen to music without any commercials. With this application, you can also choose songs based on artist or genre, so that you can create your own playlist. This is great for dads and grads who want to listen to their favorite music whenever they want it.

2. Urbanspoon: The Urbanspoon app lets you search for nearby restaurants based on price range, type of cuisine, or even by location. It’s great for finding new restaurants in your city, whether you’re going out with friends or family.

3. Google Earth: The Google Earth app is a fun way to travel around the world without leaving home! Explore the globe by scrolling through maps and checking out different areas via satellite imagery. You never know what you might find!

4. Shazam: Ever hear

The iPhone is the hottest mobile device out there. The latest version is a technological wonder, with features and capabilities that will astound even the most jaded user. But there’s more to the iPhone than just what Apple has designed into it. For every function, feature, and capability provided by Apple, there are a dozen applications that take the iPhone to another level.

For Dads and Grads everywhere, here are five of the best applications available for your iPhone.


There are many apps that let you do things with your photos on your iPhone – from editing them to uploading them to Facebook or Twitter. But none of them can compare to the photo manipulation capabilities of Photoshop Mobile 2.0.

The latest version of this app allows you to use Photoshop’s powerful photo editing tools wherever you are – rotate photos, crop them, paint over them at full resolution, and even apply filters like “Drawing” or “Glow.” You can also add text – great for making posters for events or parties!

The new iPhone 3G S is a great gift for dads and grads. It’s the perfect gadget to keep track of your busy schedule, stay in touch with friends via email, text messaging, or Twitter, and keep up with everything that’s going on in your community.

I was recently asked to blog about my top five favorite applications for the new iPhone 3G S. This was not an easy task! There are more than 100,000 applications in the App Store and it seems like there is an application for everything you could ever want to do with a phone. I’ve narrowed my list down to the following five apps:

FlightTrack – Stay organized when traveling. FlightTrack allows you to receive real-time flight alerts and updates, track flights on a map, see gate changes, delays and cancellations in one place.

Urbanspoon – Find nearby restaurants by shaking your iPhone like a set of dice. Urbanspoon offers advice on what’s good to eat near where you are based on selected price range, type of food (chinese, indian, american), and neighborhood or city.

Shazam – Identify songs playing around you within seconds. Shazam recognizes over 5 million songs from over 100 genres of music

The iPhone is the perfect gift for Dads and Grads. It can help you stay organized, manage your time, and relax when you need it most. Here are 5 Apps to help you get the most out of your iPhone:

1. To Do List- This app uses a simple interface to keep track of your tasks. You can organize them by priority and add due dates, notes, and categories.

2. Time Master 2- This app allows you to keep track of how long it takes you to complete tasks. It will generate reports so that you can see where your time is being spent!

3. BubbleWrap- Need to relax? Pop some bubbles!

4. Epicurious- Bring a cookbook with you wherever you go! This app contains great recipes for all kinds of meals, including desserts!

5. WeatherBug- The WeatherBug app uses weather information from thousands of stations around the world to provide you with up-to-the-minute weather information wherever you are!

With Father’s Day and graduation season approaching, it’s a good time to take a look at some great apps for dads and grads. iPhones can help you be more efficient as you juggle work, family, and school. But with hundreds of thousands of apps to choose from, you can quickly get overwhelmed. To help you out, I’ve put together a short list of five free or cheap apps that I think are worth checking out.

1. Track your finances with Personal Finance (Free). This system helps you keep track of your spending by automatically categorizing your purchases and allowing you to create budgets. You can also set up alerts to remind you when bills are due and receive updates on your credit score.

2. Stay on top of your email with Mailbox (Free). This app lets you file emails into folders and snooze them until you’re ready to deal with them (i.e., until after the baby goes down for a nap). It also has a “remind me” feature that allows you to schedule reminders based on location (i.e., remind me about this email when I get home).

3. Find your way around town with Waze Social GPS & Traffic Maps & Directions (Free

So the first and most important rule is: you must know what you’re trying to do. I think the reason so many people are reluctant to say this is that it sounds so obvious. It’s like telling someone “before you run, make sure your legs work.” But if you look around, it seems not many people have internalized this.

One way to tell what you’re trying to do is to look at what companies in your field advertise. Google doesn’t advertise the fact that its ads are good at targeting. Apple never put on an ad: “Macintosh: it won’t get more viruses.” When Microsoft was just starting Windows, it didn’t run ads that said “Windows: it won’t crash as much as DOS.” Instead they say things like “A Mac is just a PC that costs more,” or “You can save $150 by upgrading to Windows 7.”

They’re pointing out something that’s true but not at all obvious–the thing they really want you to know is true. And if you can learn one thing from advertising, maybe it should be how to infer the unstated premise of an argument. Once you know what the argument really is, there’s a good chance you’ll know how well it stands up.

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