Top 5 Best Smartwatches to Buy in 2014

Top 5 Best Smartwatches to Buy in 2014

Smartwatches are becoming popular in the tech world and with the recent release of the Samsung Galaxy Gear, this wearable tech is only going to get hotter. If you’re looking to buy a smartwatch for yourself or for that geek in your life, here are our top picks for the best smartwatches of 2014.

Note: It’s worth mentioning that some of these devices will only work with certain phones and operating systems. Before you buy a smartwatch, make sure it works with your device! Check out the technical specifications on each website before you decide.

Withings Activité

If you want a more traditional look but still want an activity tracker and sleep monitor, the Withings Activité is a great option. This watch works with iOS and Android devices and allows you to track your activity, sleep and swimming (waterproof up to 50 meters). The watch is automatic so it doesn’t require charging – it uses a standard watch battery that will last about 8 months. You can also view all of your data on your smartphone using the Health Mate app which has been awarded multiple design awards. If a classic style watch is what you’re looking for, this one’s got it. MSRP: $450

Smartwatches are the new gadgets for the tech enthusiast. They provide all the information about your phone that you need at a glance. With a screen on your wrist you can read your emails, get directions, change songs and control your smartphone.

You can even make calls through your smartwatch. If you’re in the market for a smartwatch, then here are some of the best ones to consider buying this year.

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1. Samsung Gear 2

The Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 is an innovative and powerful smartwatch that comes in several different models with various features and capabilities. The Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 is capable of showing you all of your messages, making calls and much more right on your wrist. It is one of the most powerful smartwatches out there today and it’s available for around $200 which makes it far cheaper than many of its competitors including the Apple Watch which will be out in 2015.

2. Pebble Smartwatch

The Pebble Smartwatch is another great option and one of the most popular smartwatches out there today. It works on both Android smartphones as well as iPhones and it has a lot of great functions built in like

There are dozens of smartwatches on the market, but not all of them are worth your money or even your time. Some aren’t very smart at all. Here are the top 5 best rated and reviewed smartwatches for 2014 based on features, functionality and user reviews to help you make a decision.

There are many smartwatches on the market, so it may be hard to find the best one. In this blog post, we will review the top five smartwatches on the market today. This is according to experts and actual users.

The first smartwatch is the Apple Watch. It costs $349 for the base model and can go up to $17,000 for some models. The second best is the Samsung Gear S. You can buy it for as low as $299 from

The next one is Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch with GPS and Heart Rate Monitor. This device has built-in GPS which can track your location while running or cycling outdoors without needing to bring your phone along with you all day long!

Next we have Pebble Time Round 20mm Smartwatch for Android and iOS Devices with Leather Strap (Black). It costs only $99 on!

Finally, there is Motorola Moto 360 SmartWatch (2nd Generation) Men’s 42mm Stainless Steel Case Black Leather Band that comes in at number five with its price tag of around $199 on

The purpose of this blog is to help people decide which smartwatch is currently the best in 2014.

There are many smartwatches on the market, but we’ve narrowed it down to these five. All of them are good at what they do, but some stand out more than others. We’ve listed them in order of preference, starting with the best.

The Pebble Smartwatch has been a great success, and for good reason. It’s reliable, high-quality and easy to use. It’s also highly customizable and can adapt to your needs.

The Samsung Gear 2 is another model that stands out from the crowd. It has a better screen than the Pebble, as well as a better camera and more apps available for it.

The Sony SmartWatch 2 is an improvement on the original Sony SmartWatch, which was not very popular. This model has a better screen and a longer battery life than its predecessor.

The LG G Watch has all the features you could want in a smartwatch: a large screen, long battery life and lots of apps available for it.

The Asus ZenWatch is our last recommendation for those who want an Android Wear device at an affordable price point.

The best smartwatches for 2014 are the first generation of a new type of gadget, a new breed of wearable device that will become more common in the years to come. As with any new product category, they’re not without their problems. But they do offer something that phones can’t; they let you stay connected without constantly pulling out your phone. Which of these five devices is right for you?

The Pebble smartwatch is the most successful Kickstarter project of all time, raising over $10 million on the crowdfunding site. The watch was first released in January 2013 and has since gone through a few hardware and software upgrades. While the Pebble doesn’t have a color screen like many of its competitors, it wins points for its battery life and price tag. The watch comes in five colors: black, white, red, orange and grey.

The device connects to an Android or iOS smartphone through Bluetooth so that it can receive notifications from apps like email, text messaging, Facebook and Twitter. And unlike other smartwatches, the Pebble works with both iPhones and Android phones. There are also more than 1,000 watch faces available as well as a growing number of apps that take advantage of the Pebble’s built-in sensors.

The Pebble costs $150 and can be purchased directly from the company’s website or at retail stores such as Best Buy.

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