Top 10 Car Tech Trends for 2019

The number of gadgets and gizmos in a car is rapidly increasing and technology is becoming more and more important to new car buyers. Here are my top 10 car tech trends for 2019.

1) Over-the-air software updates.

2) Car connectivity with smartphones.

3) Electric vehicles.

4) Partial autonomy (for example adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assistance).

5) Fully autonomous cars (no steering wheel or pedals).

6) Augmented reality head-up displays.

7) Gesture control.

8) Automotive voice assistants.

9) Remote control parking.

10) Wireless charging for electric vehicles.

As we head into 2019, here are the top 10 car tech trends to watch out for.

1. 5G Connectivity:

2. Self-Driving Cars:

3. Electric Vehicles:

4. Driverless Car Safety:

5. Vehicle Security:

6. Connected Car Services:

7. Mobile Apps for Cars:

8. Predictive Maintenance:

9. Autonomous Driving Features:

10. Navigation Tech:

This year, manufacturers are making big promises about the technology in their cars, but some of those technologies are closer to market than others. Here’s a rundown of 10 key tech areas that are expected to gain traction this year, along with how realistic those expectations are.

1.Autonomous Driving Features: Expect more features that make cars drive themselves in more situations.

Autonomous driving features took a big step forward in 2018 with the introduction of the Tesla Model 3 and other models that can drive themselves on the highway or park themselves in your garage. In 2019, look for Audi’s A8 model to be the first production car to allow hands-free lane changing on the highway.

2.Improved Headlights: Expect brighter lights, better visibility and less glare from other drivers in newer cars.

In 2019, expect better headlights as automakers introduce high-intensity LED lights and new laser lighting systems that will make it easier to see at night without blinding other drivers.

3.More Electric Vehicles: Expect at least 24 new electric vehicles by 2020 and even more after that.

2019 is shaping up as “the year of the electric vehicle” as major automakers roll out an unprecedented number of new battery powered vehicles over the

Car tech trends have been moving at lightning speed in recent years. From driver assistance systems to automatic parking and semi-autonomous driving, the automotive industry is being revolutionized by technology.

What’s next? What should we expect from car tech in 2019? Here are the top 10 car tech trends we’ll be seeing this year.

1. Autonomous Driving: The Future Is Here

Self-driving cars are no longer a futuristic idea. The future is already here — autonomous vehicles are already on our roads and cities.

2. Smartphones Take Over Cars

Smartphone technology has moved fast in recent years, with new features and apps emerging all the time. Cars are likely going to become more like smartphones, as they increasingly come with in-built AI and more new features designed to make our lives easier.

3. Vehicle Connectivity Keeps Growing

A recent study found that 96 percent of cars sold in the U.S by 2025 will have some level of connectivity (V2X). We can expect that figure to rise even further over the coming years, but there are hurdles that need to be overcome before it reaches 100 percent (more on this later).

4. More Emphasis on Data Security and Privacy

A recent survey found that 92 percent

The CES, the annual technology conference in Las Vegas, has become a showcase for automakers and suppliers to show off their latest in-car tech and gadgets. This year’s event had plenty of cool car tech on display.

Here are 10 of the best and most interesting trends we saw at CES 2019.

1. Wireless Charging: If you want to charge your phone while driving, you’re usually limited to plugging into your car’s power outlet or using a Qi wireless charging pad. But soon you may not need any cables at all. Wireless charging mats under the dash or inside a console or center armrest let you charge compatible phones by simply placing them on an icon or designated spot on the mat.

2. Smartphone Mirroring: This year, Hyundai showed its new version of Apple CarPlay that lets you use Siri voice commands to control CarPlay functions without touching your iPhone—a function we wish was more widespread today. And BMW is adding Amazon Alexa capability to its vehicles via an Alexa app for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay; it will also use Google Assistant for certain functions. Ford announced that it is adding Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability to Ford Sync 3 systems beginning with 2019 models and will offer both on

In an increasingly connected world, automobiles are becoming a central part of the Internet of Things. Many cars provide built-in Wi-Fi and allow for hands-free calling, but the automotive industry is on the cusp of doing much more than that.

At CES 2019, vehicles were the most prominent items on display. This year’s big automotive trends were focused on two things: automation and mobility. Here are the 10 biggest car tech trends from this year’s show.

1. An increase in autonomous vehicle testing around the country

2. More companies testing 5G technology in cars

3. A move toward valet parking

4. New ways to interact with your car via voice

5. More opportunities for passengers to be entertained in autonomous vehicles

6. The creation of self-driving electric scooters and bicycles

7. More mobility options for people with disabilities

8. New ways to travel from city to city with autonomous shuttles

9. A focus on electric vehicles (EVs) as an alternative to gas guzzlers

10. The rise of subscription services over ownership

1. Self-driving cars

2. Car connectivity

3. Electric vehicles

4. Vehicle data security

5. Improved car navigation systems

6. Emergency braking technology

7. V2X communication

8. Apps for automotive industry

9. Big data in the automotive industry

10. Personalized apps

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