The Top 10 Best Tech Companies to Work for in the USA

Currently, tech companies are sitting on top of the world. Apple has nearly $250 billion in cash, Microsoft is worth over $500 billion, Google is worth over $350 billion, and Facebook is worth over $150 billion. Tech companies are also experiencing unprecedented growth. From smartphones to tablets, the tech industry has changed our lives. With all this money and growth, tech companies are able to attract the best employees in the world and offer them great salaries and benefits.

The top tech companies in America do not just pay their employees well. They also offer them some of the best benefits that you can find anywhere in the country. Some of these companies will even help you buy a home or pay your student loans. These are some of the top places where people want to work at and why they are such great places to work for.

Top 10 Best Tech Companies to Work for in the USA:

1. Facebook – Palo Alto, California

2. Google – Mountain View, California

3. Twitter – San Francisco, California

4. Microsoft – Redmond, Washington

5. Apple – Cupertino, California

6. Salesforce – San Francisco, California

7. Adobe Systems – San Jose, California

8. Oracle – Redwood City, California

For those who want to be in the tech field, there are many companies to choose from. Here are the top 10 best tech companies to work for in the USA.

1 – Google Google has been called one of the best companies to work for in the USA as well as in other parts of the world. They offer a variety of perks and benefits that are hard to beat including free meals, on-site fitness centers and doctors, massages, haircuts, laundry services, paid time off for volunteer work, tuition reimbursement and a 401(k) match. There is great opportunity for advancement within the company as well.

2 – SAS SAS has been a constant on “best companies” lists for decades. Many of their employees have been with them for years which shows that they have learned how to keep people happy and engaged. The company offers generous paid time off and a retirement savings plan among other benefits.

3 – Intel Intel offers some great perks such as flexible working hours, telecommuting opportunities and tuition reimbursement among many others. Their salaries are competitive and their bonuses can be very generous depending on performance.

4 – Microsoft Microsoft has a reputation for being one of the most employee friendly companies around thanks to their generous paid time off program and their tuition reimbursement program

Tech companies, more than most others, are known for their open and collaborative work environments. Some have even created such a buzz that they have become household names.

Employees at tech companies tend to be happier and more satisfied with their jobs than those in other industries. Why? These companies offer some of the most competitive benefits in the country.

In this post we will take a look at ten of the best tech companies to work for in the United States. We will rank them based on their benefits, salaries, growth opportunities and overall work environment.

The top companies to work for in the USA, along with their current job openings and salary ranges.

1. Facebook: Facebook offers competitive benefits, such as on-site physician and fitness centers. Facebook also has a casual work environment and introduces new employees to the team through a week-long orientation program that includes various activities and events. Current job openings: Software Engineer & Community Operations Analyst Salary range (U.S.): $74k – $179k

2. Google: Google is well known for their fun perks, including free gourmet food, massages, haircuts and dry cleaning services. Current job openings: Software Engineer & Product Marketing Manager Salary range (U.S.): $74k – $151k

3. Twitter: Employees receive stock options during their first year at Twitter, which they can cash in if they stay with the company long enough (generally around four years). Employees can also enjoy Twitter’s open vacation policy. Current job openings: Mobile Software Engineer & Technical Program Manager Salary range (U.S.): $74k – $133k

4. LinkedIn: LinkedIn has an array of perks including free breakfast and lunch every day, monthly gym membership reimbursement and tuition reimbursement. Current job openings: Senior Software Development Engineer & Sales Recru

In 2017, tech jobs made up more than ten percent of the U.S. workforce. Every company we’ve listed here has an amazing track record of creating game-changing technology and products that have transformed their respective industries.

If you haven’t already heard, the job market is hot – especially in the tech industry. In fact, according to a 2017 report by Dice, 75% of technology professionals are satisfied with their current employer, and 82% are confident in their ability to find a new, comparable job within six months if they left their current employer tomorrow.

What’s more, tech companies across the country are offering some of the most competitive benefits packages and perks around (and we’re not just talking about free snacks and foosball tables). With that being said, it’s no surprise that these companies are routinely ranked among the best places to work in America.

So which tech companies offer the best compensation packages? Which provide the most unique benefits? And which are making huge strides when it comes to diversity? We’ve compiled a list of ten tech companies at the top of their game that will give you some insight into how these companies are revolutionizing their fields – and why you should consider working for them.

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