The newest touch for your gadgets


The newest touch for your gadgets: The HEX GLOVE. Designed to interact with your touch screen devices using the power of light.

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Our newest product, The Hex Glove, is now available! Check out these amazing features!

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The HEX GLOVE is designed to interact with your touch screen devices using the power of light. A blog about the new revolutionary gadget!

The HEX GLOVE is designed to interact with your touch screen devices using the power of light. This is our newest and most innovative product yet. We are very pleased with how it has turned out. The technology is truly remarkable and we can’t wait to get it in the hands of our customers.

The Hex Glove is available in four different sizes based on your hand size and shape. We are confident that you will be able to find a perfect fit for your hand. But if for some reason you need a custom size please let us know by filling out the contact form at the bottom of this page and we will see what we can do for you!

If you are looking for something unique, then look no further than the HEX GLOVE. The HEX GLOVE was created to be used with all touch screen devices but works best when paired up with one of our other products like HEX CASE or HEX LENS CAPS & COVERS so that you can see what happens when light from your hands shines through them onto any surface!

The HEX GLOVE was designed with gadgets in mind. It’s an accessory for your touch screen devices that is powered by light. We wanted to give our customers a new way to interact with their devices and we think this is the perfect solution!

The HEX GLOVE is designed using the latest technology in light-powered accessories for your gadgets. The glove is available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and styles. You can even get it customized with your favorite design or logo!

The HEX GLOVE uses an innovative approach to delivering light through fabric. By using a special type of thread and weaving process, we created an accessory that interacts with your touch screen device by emitting light onto its surface.

The HEX GLOVE also features an easy on/off switch located on the back of the hand so you never have to worry about accidentally turning it off while using your phone or tablet.”

The HEX GLOVE is the revolutionary new way to use your touch screen devices. Using the power of light, the HEX GLOVE allows you to manipulate your touch screen with gloves. The HEX GLOVE is compatible with all touch screen devices, from computers and tablets to smart phones and more.

You may have seen the HEX Glove before, but never like this. The HEX Glove is a new product that allows you to touch and interact with your touchscreen devices in a whole new way. With our patent-pending technology, all you need is the HEX Glove. Using the glove’s light emitting material, you can navigate your devices by touching them with your fingertips. It’s simple and easy to use!

The idea for the HEX Glove came about after noticing the lack of tactile feedback on today’s touchscreen devices. While touchscreens are very responsive and accurate, they do not offer any physical feedback. This is where our light-emitting material comes into play. By using the power of light, we are able to mimic physical buttons while still maintaining a low profile.

Imagine this: You’re driving along in your car with your favorite music playing on your phone or tablet. You want to change tracks or adjust the volume, but you can’t take your eyes off the road. With the HEX Glove, simply tap your touchscreen device with your fingertips and feel confident knowing that you won’t miss a beat! No more fumbling around trying to find those tiny

The HEX GLOVE is a revolutionary new product. It offers a unique way to interact with your touch screen devices. Interactions with the HEX GLOVE are very intuitive, you simply use your hand to navigate and interact with your device.

This innovative accessory is fully integrated into the latest version of the ORB operating system and will work with any touch screen device running this OS. The glove comes in two sizes, small and large, and is made from 100% recycled materials using our new green process.

HEX gloves are currently available in black and red but we will soon be releasing a limited edition white version. If you are interested in purchasing a pair of these gloves please contact us via email at:

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