The Coolest Tech of the Year

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the biggest technology event of the year. Every January, CES rolls into Las Vegas with its massive exhibition of tech to show off the latest and greatest in smartphones, laptops, wearables, smart home devices, and more. The show is a big deal for the companies that attend, but it’s also a big deal for consumers: CES is where you’ll see the trends that are shaping the tech we’ll be using this year. There are hundreds of companies at CES 2018. But not every company has something great to showcase.

This year’s awards from Coolest Tech of the Year celebrate some of the most innovative products announced at CES 2018 across seven categories: smartphones, laptops, wearables, smart home devices, cars, TVs, and robots. Here’s our picks for which ones are most worth checking out.

There were a lot of great phones on display at this year’s show. The best new phone was Samsung Galaxy S9 with its incredible camera and high-end specs. It’s also one of the first phones to feature Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 845 processor, which promises better battery life and faster performance than last year’s models. If you’re looking for something cheaper but still very impressive then check out Nokia 6 with

Imagine what you can do with the coolest tech of 2018. It’s the stuff that wows us, makes us say “I want one,” and earns a spot on the latest CES Innovation Awards list. This year’s winners are a diverse bunch, including everything from an AI-powered smart mirror to an all-in-one home security system.

If you’re a serious tech geek, there’s plenty to be excited about in this year’s batch of cool gadgets. Want to control your devices from literally anywhere? Check out the Orbit B-hyve Smart Hose Faucet Timer. Prefer to stay safe and secure at home? The Google Nest Secure Alarm System will ensure your peace of mind.

The coolest tech of 2018 also includes some fun stuff for those who don’t consider themselves hardcore gamers or technophiles. Parents will love the LumiCharge Smartphone Charging Lamp, which charges your phone while providing plenty of mood lighting for sleepovers and slumber parties. And it doesn’t get much more adorable than the Petcube Play Interactive Camera, which lets you watch (and play with) your pet from afar via your smartphone

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is just around the corner, and with it comes the promise of a number of innovative products that will shape the year to come. This blog post will preview some of these products and give awards for their excellence in innovation.

Pebble Time Watch – Most Effective Wearable

Pebble has been making smart watches for years, but this latest model has a new color screen, better battery life, and an improved OS. It’s also waterproof! In an age where technology is constantly at our fingertips, Pebble allows us to put it on our wrist. Smart watches are still relatively new, so it will be interesting to see how they develop.

Galaxy S7 Smartphone – Most Innovative Gadget

Samsung’s line of Galaxy smartphones continues to raise the bar for all other mobile devices. The latest model comes with an improved camera, better speakers, and ditches the flimsy plastic design in favor of premium metal and glass. Samsung also made the device water resistant without sacrificing any style or functionality – it’s still one of the thinnest and lightest phones available today.

Oculus Rift VR Headset – Best New Technology

The Oculus Rift is here! If you haven’t heard about virtual reality yet (

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the largest tech convention of the year. It will be held in Las Vegas from Jan 8 – 11th, 2019. At this event, companies and startups from all over the world gather to show off their latest gadgets and prototypes. The organizers of CES hand out several awards for the most innovative new products that show promise to change the way we live and work.

Each year, new categories are introduced and others are eliminated. This year is no exception. For example, a new category called “Best Tech for Baby Boomers” was created to recognize products that make life easier for seniors. This category joins more traditional ones like “Best Automotive Technology” and “Best Mobile Device.”

Every year, more than 4,500 exhibitors fill over 2.7 million net square feet of space in Las Vegas to show off the latest and greatest gadgetry and technology. And every year, just a handful of the products on display stand out from the crowd and really garner attention from the tech press.

This year’s CES is just around the corner (January 8-11) and we’ve been scouring the show’s press releases to find the coolest tech that will be unveiled in Las Vegas this month. Take a look at what we think will be some of the most innovative products of 2018.

Apple AirPods

There are plenty of Bluetooth headphones on the market — but few have generated as much buzz as Apple’s AirPods, which were released in December 2016. So it’s no surprise that CES 2018 has several new alternatives to Apple’s earbuds that are worth checking out.

One such alternative comes from Bragi, who created The Headphone, which features touch controls that allow you to tap your earbud to play or pause music, answer or hang up phone calls, or increase or decrease volume. There are also built-in fitness tracking sensors that can keep track of your heart rate while you work out. The Headphone will

The show’s organizers recently announced the finalists for best of show awards, which are given to the coolest tech at CES in categories including video, smart home technology, digital health, and more. Here are some of our favorites.

The Zero Mass Water Source Hydropanels

The Zero Mass Water Source Hydropanels from Arizona-based startup Zero Mass Water are designed to pull water out of the air using solar energy. The panels on the roof collect energy from the sun, which is then used to condense water vapor into a reservoir that can be accessed through a spigot inside your home. The panels can produce up to five liters of water per day (about 1.3 gallons), and they can even purify contaminated water.

Zero Mass Water says that each panel costs $2,000, but it will be available as part of a subscription plan with a monthly fee that’s lower than typical water bills. The company also said it will work with governments that want to install the hydropanels in regions where clean drinking water is scarce.

The blog post lists 13 different products, ranging from household appliances to timepieces. The gadgets are all presented as equal in their importance, with each one getting a short write-up and image. The only indication of hierarchy is the order in which they are listed, with the first product being the most innovative.

The author provides no opinion on any of the products and doesn’t try to persuade readers that any are better than others. Instead, they present each item and its function in a simple way. This makes it easy for readers to decide whether or not they want to use each item.

The author also gives readers options for how to purchase the items, including links to where they can buy them online and information about when they will be available in stores. They even provide pricing information for some products that aren’t yet on sale so that people know what to expect when they do become available.

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