Our website is always improving along with our team. We love hearing from our users so we have started a section of the website where you can submit your questions http

I wanted to share with you some of the improvements we have made to our website. Our team has been working around the clock to make our website more user friendly and we are proud to say that it is now far easier for our users to navigate.

We love hearing from our users so we have started a section of the website where you can submit your questions: http://familyfriendlythemes.com/contact-us/. We will do our best to get back with you within 24 hours.

Our website is always improving along with our team. We are blessed to be in a position where we get to work on projects that help others and we hope that this new design does just that!

Even though we started out as a small little company our website has grown so much that sometimes people have questions. The easiest way to contact us is here: http://familyfriendlythemes.com/contact-us/. Our team is always ready to take your feedback and turn it into action. Our users are very important to us and we want you to know that!




We are a group of forward thinking web designers and developers that have come together to create the ultimate WordPress theme. We have many years of experience building successful websites and we wanted to share this expertise with our users.

The theme has been designed to be stylish, clean and easy to use. We want you to be able to start using it without any technical knowledge.

There is a lot to think about when you are setting up a new website. We understand that completely and we have tried to design a few themes for you to choose from that will help your website look professional in the eyes of your visitors.

The great thing about technology websites is that there is always something new to share with the world. Our themes will help you do just that in an organized way.

The first web sites were not built by people with a lot of experience with computers. One of the first and most popular websites was Dave’s Home Page, which grew out of an email conversation with his brother about Star Trek. Another early site was named for its founder, Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web. The earliest web designers weren’t even necessarily computer programmers; they were just people who had something to say, and figured out that they could say it online.

Over time a culture grew up around web design. It became a career, like being a desktop publisher before it. People began to specialize in building web sites. They designed templates that anyone could use to build their own site quickly and cheaply, and worked on teams that custom-designed sites for clients who wanted something more sophisticated.

Much of what these designers did was necessarily mechanical: converting text into html, producing graphics that would work well as backgrounds or cute icons, choosing colors that would be easy to read on a screen but would also make the site look “cool.” As the web grew increasingly commercial, it made sense for these designers to specialize in what users wanted: pages that looked good and loaded fast. And as more people came online over slow connections—first over dialup modems,

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