Keep up with broadcasting pioneer, and internet personality Leo Laporte .

Leo Laporte is a broadcasting pioneer, and internet personality. He is known for his work with TechTV and the network, where he hosted shows such as The Screen Savers and Call for Help.

Laporte has served as a technical advisor for movies including Pirates of Silicon Valley, Antitrust, and Live Free or Die Hard. He also appears in the movie Hackers, in which he plays a TV news host.

He is currently producing Leo Laporte’s This Week in Tech (TWiT), which features Laporte’s thoughts on technology and the week’s stories in tech news. GizWizBiz is currently available on iTunes via Apple Inc.’s Podcast service.

Leo Laporte is a broadcaster and internet personality. He hosts various podcasts about technology, including This Week in Tech, The Tech Guy, Security Now, and many others. His shows are broadcast on the TWiT Netcast Network and through his YouTube channel. Leo also hosts a live radio talk show weekdays on KFI AM 640 in Los Angeles, is the host of “The New Screen Savers” on the TWiT network, and is a contributor to “CBS Sunday Morning.”

Leo Laporte is an American technology broadcaster, author and entrepreneur. He is best known as the creator and host of (This Week in Tech), an Internet podcast network specializing in technology podcasts. Laporte has also worked on technology TV shows such as The Screen Savers on TechTV and Call for Help on G4techTV Canada.

In 2011, Leo founded his own tech podcast network called the TWiT Netcast Network, a name which is derived from his former show’s acronym. Today, the network hosts over 25 podcasts covering a variety of topics from tech news to security to ham radio and more.

In addition to his role with TWiT, Leo is also the host of The Tech Guy radio show, heard every weekend in over 170 cites throughout North America by nearly 2 million listeners. Leo also hosts Before You Buy and iPad Today on the TWiT network.

Leo Laporte, the Tech Guy(r) has been giving advice on computers and technology for decades. He was an early pioneer in Internet broadcasting, having started the first live, call-in technology show on ZDTV in 1998. In 2001 he founded (This Week in Tech), where he currently hosts several shows including The Tech Guy (Saturdays and Sundays); This Week in Google; This Week in Tech; Security Now!; and more.

Leo is a former KCBS San Francisco radio host and Emmy nominated TV tech correspondent for NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN and the BBC. He has been producing podcasts since 2003 with over 1 billion downloads to date. Leo is also the author of the Net at Night series of books about the Internet and social media published by John Wiley & Sons.

Leo Laporte is a pioneer of technology broadcasting, and has been recognized as such by the Academy of Arts & Sciences. He’s known for his work on TechTV,, G4TV, and more. He’s written several books, including “Google: The Missing Manual”, “Running Windows XP”, “Home Networking: The Missing Manual”, and “Windows XP Hacks”.

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As a media personality, Leo Laporte has hosted TV and radio shows about computers and technology for over thirty years. Leo began his career in tech media at Ziff-Davis Radio, where he created and ran The Screen Savers on TechTV. Leo is now the host and producer of TWiT, This Week in Tech, a weekly Internet show dedicated to technology and gadgets. Leo is a former host of the Call for Help television series on G4techTV Canada and TechTV in the US. He is also a former presenter on BBC TV’s Click Online.

Leo Laporte is an American technology broadcaster, author, and entrepreneur. He is best known as the host of The Tech Guy radio show and host of the (This Week in Tech) netcast network.

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