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Smartphone are a great gadgets, and there is no doubt about it. We use our smartphones for everything from video chatting to checking the news and weather. With so much power in the palm of your hand, you can accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. Are you making the most of this powerful device? Here are ten ways to boost your smartphone IQ:

1. Learn the shortcuts, many people don’t know that their smartphone can perform several tasks by just pressing a few buttons at one time. For example, if you have an iPhone, double-tap the home button while your screen is locked and it will bring up music controls. On an Android phone, press the search button twice and it will open up voice dialing, which is especially convenient if your hands are full!

2. Download applications that make life easier. The number of apps available for smartphones is growing by leaps and bounds each day. There are apps for everything from flight tracking to finding out what song is playing on the radio. Take advantage of these smart phones apps to make life easier!

3. Set up email notification alerts to be sent directly to your phone so you never miss an important message again. You will be able to check your

Smartphones are becoming the most important tech device in our lives, but it still feels like nobody has figured out how to use them fully. They’re amazing machines that continue to get better at an astonishing pace, yet we only use a small fraction of what they have to offer.

So here are ten simple ways to make your smartphone smarter.

1. Install an adblocker

2. Invest in a battery pack

3. Start using Google Now

4. Turn off push mail notifications

5. See more with a higher resolution screen

6. Use a cloud service

7. Take better pictures with your camera

8. Buy some headphones that don’t suck

9. Stop using the default apps on your phone

10. Play mobile games

If you are a busy person, then you surely have a smartphone. Every year, more and more people are buying smartphones. They are useful. Here is a list of ten ways to make your smartphone smarter.

1. Use the Swype keyboard option if you have it on your smartphone. This will make typing faster and less frustrating. It is available on many Android phones and some Blackberry devices.

2. Be sure to save your contacts by syncing them with your email account or SIM card so you won’t lose them if something should happen to your phone. If you do not sync your contacts, they can be lost even if you just change your phone’s battery!

3. Make sure that you have activated the GPS feature on your phone so that it is easier for other people to track you down if you need help or in case of an emergency.

4. You can use a special app to take notes using only your voice instead of typing them out which can be faster and more convenient for you especially when you are driving or moving around a lot. You can also use this app for recording interviews for work or school research projects or to record important meetings that you attend.

5. When traveling somewhere unfamiliar, use maps from the Internet on

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1. ~~Use a smart power strip~~

2. ~~Use a wifi-enabled slow cooker~~

3. ~~Turn off unnecessary notifications and apps

4. ~~Use an app to turn your smartphone into a remote control

5. ~~Set up your printer to print from your phone

6. ~~Use a smart lock on your front door

7. ~~Use an app to find your keys, wallet, or anything else you misplace

8. ~~Get a security camera for inside or outside your home that you can control with your smartphone

9. ~~Start using voice commands

10. Use an app to track the weather in different locations

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