How To Get A Job in Tech

We are a team comprised of engineers and designers with the goal of providing high quality information on how to get a job in tech. On this site, you’ll find everything from step-by-step walkthroughs for building your resume, to tips on how to crack coding interviews, to personal experiences from our team members.

We are primarily focused on helping people who are new to the field or who have been out of the industry for a while, but we welcome anyone who may be looking for tips and tricks for getting hired.

Welcome to tech geek!

I am a Computer Science major at San Jose State University, and I would like to share with you the things I’ve learned from my internship and job hunt experiences.

One of the most important things I’ve learned is that getting a job in tech is not easy. It takes some serious effort, and you have to be ready to do whatever it takes. After attending countless workshops, reading books, and talking with people, I’ve come up with some strategies that will help you get a job in tech.

I hope this blog is helpful for you as it has been for me. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

I’ve been reviewing resumes and interviewing potential candidates for software engineering jobs at a tech company in Silicon Valley for over a year now. I’ve also gone through the process of applying, interviewing and getting accepted to various roles at many companies.

I’ve been asked by friends for advice on what to do and what not to do when applying to tech jobs. I’m writing this blog post in hopes of helping people learn from my experience with the job-hunting process.

I’ll start off with some general tips, followed by tips specifically for resumes, interviews, and following-up after an interview.

Getting a job is hard. I want to help you get your first tech job and I’ll show you how to do it.

I’m going to take what I learned from getting my dream job at a startup and share how I did it with you. This blog is about the process of applying for jobs, interviewing, and landing a position in the tech industry.

I’ve interviewed at a few companies, gotten offers at all of them, received multiple visas, and I’ve screened a lot of resumes as well. The blog will primarily focus on applying for Software Engineer positions but I believe the advice also applies to other roles in the industry.

My goal is to provide useful tips for you along with an honest and transparent look into my experience so that you can use what worked for me to get your dream job too!

You don’t have to be a tech geek to get a job in tech. In fact, you don’t even have to be a computer programmer. You can work at a tech company and not know the difference between software and hardware.

That sounds like a joke, but it’s not. There are plenty of non-tech jobs at tech companies. For example, every tech company needs marketing people, graphic designers, salespeople, receptionists and administrative personnel.

The best thing about working for a tech company is that you will always be learning new things. Simply being around computer programmers will make you more comfortable with technology and you’ll gain an appreciation for what they do. And if you happen to pick up a little programming along the way? That’s great!

The first step is to decide on the type of job you want to do. Do your research and figure out which companies are hiring for that kind of position. Then go online and look for open positions at those companies and submit your resume.

If you’re willing to put in the time, patience, effort and dedication required to work in the tech industry, there is no reason why you can’t get hired!

The first question I get asked by someone who is looking for a job is “What should I put on my resume?” This can be a tough one to answer because it’s different for every person. However, I have a few tips regarding what you should and shouldn’t do when putting together your resume.

First, when you’re writing your resume, you must think about what the employer is looking for. The best way to do this is to research the company and their product(s) or service(s). When you know what they do, you will better understand what kind of employee they are looking for. This will help you tailor your resume to the job you are applying for.

Second, always keep your resume up-to-date! It’s very easy to create a Word document or Google Doc with all of your information, and then just print off as many copies as you need every time you apply to a job. This will make sure all of your information (job experience, projects worked on, etc.) is always current.

Third, always put references on the bottom of your resume. Normally these would be people who have worked with you in the past in some capacity that can vouch that you are an employee worth hiring. It

Extend the Tech Geek’s network and knowledge by attending events, such as workshops and conferences, that are relevant to their field of work.

To succeed in this role it is essential to be able to communicate effectively with non-technical people.

Maintain an up-to-date understanding of developments in IT systems, applications and programming languages.

In order to succeed in this role you should have strong knowledge of programming languages, such as Java, PHP or SQL. You should also be familiar with Microsoft Office applications, Linux and HTML. A good Tech Geek will also have a professional approach and excellent communication skills.

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