How to Buy a Laptop for School

With the upcoming start of the school year, a lot of students are looking for a new laptop. If you’re in this boat, or if you’re just looking to buy a new computer, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know about buying a laptop for school:

It’s that time of year again and you’re in need of a new laptop. Fear not, we’ve got everything you need to know before purchasing your next school laptop!

Forget the days when buying a laptop was as simple as picking out your favorite color. There are so many options to choose from these days and it can be easy to get lost in the jargon. The first thing you need to do is figure out what type of laptop will best suit your needs for school. To help simplify this process, we’ve broken it down into three main categories: Chromebooks, Ultrabooks, and Gaming Laptops.


Chromebooks are great for basic computing tasks such as browsing the web, checking email, and word processing. They run Google’s ChromeOS, which is a lightweight operating system that relies heavily on web-based apps instead of local software. This means that most of the apps you use on a Chromebook are actually stored online instead of your computer’s hard drive, making them light on storage but also more secure than traditional laptops running Windows or MacOS. They also start up almost instantly and are less prone to getting “sluggish” over time like traditional laptops because they don’t have any software to bog them down

A laptop is a necessity for college students. Whether you’re a student, teacher, or parent, you probably know that the need for a good laptop can be overwhelming. There are so many options out there today, and it can be difficult to find the right one for your needs.

We’ve spent countless hours researching and testing laptops to come up with our list of the best laptops for school 2019. We hope our guide will help you find the right laptop for your situation. Let’s get started!

School is approaching fast, and you might be thinking of buying a laptop. You’re not the only one. According to research company NPD, back-to-school technology sales will reach $7.5 billion, and nearly 80 percent of college students own a laptop. But with so many choices available, how do you know which is the right one to buy?

Let’s talk specs. When it comes to what’s under the hood, most of today’s laptops offer similar features: an Intel Core processor (either i3, i5 or i7), 4GB or 8GB of memory and somewhere between 500GB and 1TB for storage. But there are plenty of other factors that differentiate one model from another, such as screen size and resolution, battery life and operating system (OS).

If you’re on the market for a new laptop yourself or if you’re shopping for someone else (ahem, parents), we’ve put together this guide to help make the buying process easier.

Getting a new laptop is a super exciting time, but it can also be a bit nerve-racking. You want to make sure you’re purchasing the right one for your budget and your needs. Not to mention, you want to make sure it’s a good investment in terms of its longevity.

It’s important to know what types of things you should be looking for when buying a new laptop. Finding one that fits within your budget is great, but if the laptop doesn’t meet all of your needs, then it’s not going to do you much good.

Laptops come in different sizes and weights with different capabilities. Some laptops are designed for gaming and others for basic word processing and surfing the internet. It’s important to know what you’ll be using your laptop for, so that you can find one that fits your needs and expectations.

If you’re planning on using your laptop just for school related tasks like PowerPoint presentations and typing up essays, then you don’t really need all of the bells and whistles that come with a top-of-the-line model. Pick something that has just enough power to handle basic tasks without breaking the bank.

If you are a college student, you know that there can be a lot of pressure to have the latest gadgets. Whether it is your cell phone, digital camera or portable video game system, the trend on campus seems to be to have the latest and greatest technology at your fingertips.

One piece of technology that has become commonplace for students is the laptop computer. Today’s laptops offer many advantages over their desktop counterparts, but with all these choices, how do you know which one is right for you?

It might seem like an overwhelming task, but if you break down the process into smaller steps and follow some simple guidelines, selecting the right laptop for your specific needs will be much easier than expected. This guide will help by giving you a few tips on what to look for when shopping for a laptop computer.


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