How the future is so bright, we need to wear shades!

We believe the future holds bright things. So bright, in fact, that we will need to wear shades.

In this blog, we focus on a few ways that the future is so bright, it will require shades:

The Future of…

1. Computers

2. Videogames

3. AI

4. Space Travel

The future is very bright. We will all soon be wearing sunglasses thanks to the bright future that is coming our way. This blog is dedicated to the bright future we are all headed for, and analyzing how the tech of the future will help us get there.

The first step to a brighter future is making sure that you have the right pair of shades. There are many different types of shades, from aviators to wayfarers and beyond. Picking the perfect pair can be hard! That’s why we’re here to help you pick out your new favorite pair of shades for your bright future.

While researching this article we came across some cool tech that may help you in your quest to find your next pair of sunglasses. This app is called Find My Glasses and it helps you locate your sunglasses when they’re lost. It’s a brilliant idea and it seems like it would be easy to use as well!

Greetings, I am the administrator of this blog. I am a professional futurist with a degree in futurology and technology. I have been studying future tech for many years, and have read many books on the subject. My area of specialty is future-tech clothing, but I will post on other areas as well.

Today I would like to talk about future-tech glasses: what they are, how they work, and why we all need them.

Future-tech glasses are augmented reality glasses that can do anything from project a screen in front of your eyes to show the time to give you directions to display video games and more. They are lightweight and stylish, so you can wear them anywhere, anytime!

The future is bright! Bright enough to wear shades! We live in the future. We have cell phones, we have computers, and we have tons of awesome technology. But what is next? This blog is dedicated to predicting the future and seeing when our mad scientist dreams become realities.

We will look at technologies that will change your life, in the near future and far future. A lot of these technologies are little more than dreams right now, but some of them are just around the corner.

The first article in this blog will be about technological advances in brain-machine interfaces (BMI). BMI’s are a way to connect your brain directly to a computer or other machines. It sounds like science fiction, but it is already here. There are dozens of companies working on BMI technology and it seems likely that we will see real devices on the market very soon.

Future tech is here today. From the Internet of Things to artificial intelligence to nanotechnology, the future is now. But the sudden change can be disorienting and even scary.

At Future Tech Now we want to help you navigate this brave new world with clear thinking and fearless reporting. We will separate science from science fiction, and tell you what is really coming next. And–most important of all–we will help you see the promise in these new technologies, so that you can make the most of them.

If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time staring into the future. If you’re like me, you find yourself thinking about how the world as we know it is going to change. What will become of us? Will we be able to keep up? Will our children live in a world we can even recognize?

Luckily for us, we are not alone! There are dozens of important thinkers who have been studying these very questions. I’ve read all of their books and listened to all of their talks. And what I’ve learned has led me to this conclusion: everything is going to be great.

We live in a time when some people are asking whether technology is destroying our humanity. These people are wrong! Technology is not destroying our humanity; it’s enhancing it!

A garage door opener is a small motorized device that uses a radio frequency to open and close the garage door. The remote-controlled apparatus allows you to open and close the garage without needing to get out of your car. They are also convenient when you come home with groceries, as they allow you to open the garage door before you even leave your car.

Garage door openers typically come with three parts: a receiver that mounts on the garage ceiling, a hand-held remote, and a transmitter that mounts on your car’s visor. When activated by pressing a button on the remote or transmitter, the receiver opens or closes the garage door. When purchasing a new system, keep in mind the following factors:


Most garage door openers offer some form of security feature. If you want to make sure no one’s breaking into your home through your garage at night, this feature is important. Some security features include rolling code technology (which prevents thieves from accessing the signal), time delay locking (which keeps the garage door locked for 30 seconds after it has been closed) and vacation mode (which disables all radio signals).

Door Type

In order to purchase an opener that will work with your style of garage doors, you must be aware of

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