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If you are looking for gift ideas for the creative and geeky personalities in your life, then you are at the right place. Geek Holiday Gift Guides is a blog about gift recommendations for the creative and geeky personalities. It is a blog about things that make our lives easier, more fun, more productive or just more awesome.

We’ve created this blog because we love gadgets and we are always on the lookout for new gadgets to put in our geeky wish list. We hope that by sharing our knowledge and experience with these gadgets, we can help others find gifts that they will love and enjoy.

Gadget ‘n Gadget is a blog about gift recommendations for the creative and geeky personalities. Each holiday season, we seek to find and recommend the best gadgets that are both unusual and useful in your everyday life.

We seek to find and recommend the best gadgets!

Gadget n Gadget is a blog about gift recommendations for the creative and geeky personalities. Each holiday season, we research and recommend products that are new and interesting. We often scour Kickstarter projects or other crowd-funding sites to find emerging artists, designers and makers with unique ideas. We also occasionally highlight big box brands who are launching new products that are really interesting and fun.

GadgetNgadget is a blog about gift recommendations for the creative and geeky personalities. We are a resource for people who want to get a gift for someone who has everything or someone hard to please. When we are not writing about gadgets and gear, you will find us playing with our inventions in our workshop.

As fellow gadget lovers and geeks, we share our passion for technology, gadgets and design. We love to show you what we think are the coolest and best new gadgets around. These are the items that most people don’t know about yet or have heard of but don’t know where to buy them. We review each item and let you know exactly where you can purchase it.

Gadget N’ Gadget: Holiday Gift Guides for the Creative and Geeky

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Dorky Holiday Gift Guides for the Creative & Geeky

The gadgets, gear, and gift ideas that will make your holidays merry and bright!

Gift Guides

Shopping around for the best gifts is easy with our curated lists of holiday gift ideas. You’ll find something fun and useful (and maybe even a little off-beat) for everyone on your list!

Alarm clocks are annoying. They wake you up with a loud sound and often disturb your partner. And do you know what the worst thing is? You still have to get out of bed to switch the alarm off! Wouldn’t it be nice if your alarm clock could wake you up in a more gentle manner? The Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock allows you to set two alarms; one of them will shake your bed, so that you’ll wake up without being disturbed by an annoying sound.

I’ve always been jealous of people who can fall asleep easily on an airplane or train, while I’m still trying to find a comfortable position that allows me to sleep. It’s almost impossible to fall asleep lying with your head forward, and leaning against the window doesn’t make it much better. The Cabeau Evolution Pillow is specially designed for people who want to sleep comfortably while travelling. With this pillow, it’s finally possible!

Don’t you just hate it when you’re watching a movie and someone starts texting? It’s very distracting, but what can you do about it? Tell them to stop? It’s usually not that easy. You don’t want to start a fight over something like that, so what do you do? Well, there’s the Cell Phone

Coffee is the most popular beverage in the world, and the market for coffee makers is saturated with products. This year’s best coffee maker innovations have focused on integrating sophisticated technology with classic design.

From single-cup pour-over devices to automated French press machines, these are the best coffee makers for every type of person.

AeroPress Coffee Maker by Aerobie

The AeroPress is one of this year’s most talked about coffee makers. It uses air pressure to brew a rich and smooth cup of coffee in about 30 seconds.

This unique brewing method leverages three variables: pressure, temperature, and total immersion. The AeroPress allows you to experiment with different levels of each variable in order to find your perfect cup of coffee.

The device itself is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for travel or office use. It’s also incredibly easy to clean (and even dishwasher safe).

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