Five Computer Hacks You Just Can’t Live Without

If you’ve ever tried to install a computer program, you know that it’s sometimes more complicated than you think. Programs have a way of slowing down your computer. Sometimes, they just don’t work. Sometimes, they do weird things in the background that you don’t understand.

But there are ways to fix these problems. And once you know them, you’re going to wonder how you ever lived without these hacks!

So here they are, the top five computer hacks you just can’t live without.

1. Fix a slow computer by deleting programs: If your computer is running slow, and it seems like it just doesn’t have any “oomph” in its step anymore (in other words, it takes a long time for things to load), then one of the easiest things to do is delete programs that are slowing it down. You can delete them manually by dragging them into the trash bin or recycle bin, or use a program like CleanMyMac or AppCleaner to find and delete all the files associated with whatever program you want to get rid of. As a general rule of thumb, if you haven’t used a program in over 6 months, you should

Computer hacking is a part of our everyday lives. The tools hackers use are especially important because they can provide access to information, the internet, and other capabilities that might not be available without those hacks. Here are five hacks that you just can’t live without.

1 – Save your battery life

If you’re a heavy user, then you know how frustrating it is when your phone or laptop dies in the middle of an important task. There are so many ways to save your battery life if you only know how to hack it. For example, you should lower the brightness on your screen and disable background apps while you’re working on something important – both of these things can help save a lot of battery life.

2 – Use a different browser

Not all browsers are created equal. Your default browser might work fine for some tasks, but there are plenty of situations where a different browser might be better suited to the job at hand. You also want to ensure that your browser is always set up with privacy settings that protect your online activities and personal information as much as possible. For example, if you’re interested in gambling online at casinos like, then you don’t

You may not know it, but you’re probably using a computer hack right now. Your keyboard has certain keys that let you do things faster, like copy and paste. That’s a hack. Today we are going to look at five more computer hacks that will make your life easier.

Copy and Paste

You might know this one, but this is the ultimate computer hack. If you want to copy something (like text or a picture) from somewhere on your computer and put it somewhere else, you highlight the thing you want to copy and then hit Ctrl + C. This stores what you want to copy in your computer’s “clipboard.” To paste it somewhere else, highlight where you want to paste it and hit Ctrl + V. It’s like magic!

Use Your Keyboard

You don’t need to use the mouse for everything. There are certain things that are much faster using just the keyboard. For example, if you want to open an app on your Mac or PC, all you have to do is press Ctrl + Spacebar, type the name of the app, and press enter. To close an app quickly on a Mac just press Command + Q or Command + W if you just want

I have been working in the computer science industry for about ten years. I have worked with computers since before I can remember, and have always had a knack for figuring out how to get the most out of a computer. But there are some things that are just not obvious to most people.

Here are five computer hacks that you just can’t live without:

1. Type faster by using the keyboard instead of the mouse

2. Show hidden files and folders

3. Speed up your typing by using an autocomplete feature

4. Make your computer run faster by cleaning it up

5. Use Google to find anything!

In today’s world, technology is constantly changing and evolving. It can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends, especially when it comes to computers.

Here are five computer hacks that will help you in your daily life.

If you’re tech savvy, you don’t need this tutorial. But if you’re just a novice user, then here are some tips to help you out.

Computer Hacks: Start Menu

The start menu is a very useful tool that isn’t used as much as it should be. For example, if you want to open up Microsoft Word, but don’t want to search through your applications for it, just click start and type “Word.” It will show up on the start menu, usually at the top of the list.

You can also use the start menu to access things such as your computer or documents folder by typing “computer” or “documents” into the search box. This is also a great way to search for old files that may not be in your recent files folder anymore. You can even search for things on Google by typing “Google ” into the search box.

Computer Hacks: Copy and Paste

This tip is really only useful if you use your keyboard instead of clicking with your mouse cursor, but if you do often use your keyboard instead of your mouse, then it will come in handy quite often.


The tech world is always moving, and it is easy to get left behind. Here are five hacks that you’ll wish you had known about years ago.

1. If you have a Mac, you can copy and paste the same text into multiple places at the same time by holding down Command and clicking wherever you want the text to go.

2. If you want to type a degree symbol on a PC, use “Alt-0176” on the number pad (not the numbers at the top of the keyboard).

3. You can quickly find any word in this document by clicking Control and F to open Find, then typing in what you are looking for.

4. In Google Docs, if you highlight a word/phrase and click Control and T, it will change all of your selected words/phrases into a table.

5. To create a line break on Twitter, type “Control-Enter” instead of just enter.

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