FAQ About Tech 2

When will the first Tech 2 ship be available?

The launch of the Tech 2 production system is expected to take place during the summer of YC 110. The exact date will be announced at a later time.

When will we see Tech 2 modules?

Due to their role in the game, Tech 2 modules should appear before Tech 2 ships.

Will there be any new skills required for using Tech 2 items?

There are currently no plans to create new skills specifically for Tech 2 items, but some of the existing skills may require higher levels than they currently do.

Will it be possible to reverse engineer existing blueprints into the improved ones?

Yes; however, it will take some time and effort to reverse engineer a blueprint that you already have in your possession into one of the improved variants.

Q: Who is this for?

A: We don’t define our target audience – we simply say it’s for anyone who wants to learn more about the world of Tech 2.

Q: What are the benefits?

A: If you read this book, you will learn a lot.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: It’s free!

Tech 2 is a category of ship-based modules that can be used on most ships, as long as they meet the module’s requirements. Tech 2 modules are extremely expensive and require materials that are costly to obtain and time consuming to accumulate. They also require a large number of skills to use, but have much more powerful effects than Tech 1 modules.

Tech 2 modules are the highest tech level in EVE Online, although some special items are available only through agents and other means.

Tech 2 Modules Require:

* Advanced Weapon Upgrades V for Turrets, Missile Launchers and Drones.

* Energy Grid Upgrades V for all energy weapons and drones.

* Shield Upgrades V for all shield accessories/equipment.

* Advanced Spaceship Command for Warp drives and Propulsion upgrades.

What is Tech 2?

Tech 2 is a type of technology used to manufacture ships and modules. It has been available in the game since November 2004. Bigger, better ships/modules are made with Tech 2 variants as compared to their Tech 1 counterparts.

In general, you need to train additional skills to fly a Tech 2 ship and use Tech 2 modules (there are some exceptions).

How do I get my hands on a Tech 2 ship or module?

Most Tech 2 items are created by players, using blueprints and materials. Some items (like ammunition) can only be bought from NPC stations.

See the individual sections below for details.

Is this process hard or complicated?

It depends on your background and goals. Some people will be able to just dive in, read the blueprints, buy the relevant skills and get started without much effort. Others will get stuck at one of the many hurdles along the way: researching skills, sov warfare, POS mechanics etc. This guide attempts to clear up these hurdles.

1. What is Tech 2?

Tech 2 is a Silicon Valley based corporation that developes transportation technology. We have an office in San Francisco, California and Shanghai, China.

2. What products does Tech 2 offer?

Our main product is the electric car called E-Pod. For more information about this product, please visit our website: www.tech2_inc.com/e-pod

3. Does Tech 2 offer after sale service?

Please refer to our website for more information: www.tech2_inc.com/after-sale-service

The “Tech 2” system is a set of technologies, skills and blueprints that are available to all players but requires new skills to train and use. The “Tech 2” ships and modules are comparable in power to the old Tech 1 ships, but the Tech 1 ships have the advantage of being available much earlier in the game.

The Tech 2 system was introduced with Apocrypha.

To get started using Tech 2 ships and modules you must first train the Advanced Weapon Upgrades skill to level III. After this you can train any of the other skills needed for Tech 2 items and equipment.

The main difference between Tech 1 and Tech 2 is that Tech 1 items are built from minerals only, while Tech 2 items are built from minerals and from datacores. Datacores can be bought on the market, but they are relatively expensive. But there is a way to obtain them without paying ISK: Research agents will pay you datacores as research points. Since each agent has a specialty, there are different datacores for each type of agent (e.g., there is a datacore for Caldari Agents that gives out Datacores for Spaceship Command). You can have multiple research agents working at once (up to four), so

Tech 2 is a vital step in the process of becoming an advanced player in EVE Online. It is the gateway to being able to fly the most powerful ships,

fighting the most dangerous enemies, and mining the rarest ore. This FAQ will provide you with all of the necessary information to make sure your transition from Tech 1 to Tech 2 is easy and painless.

Q: What is Tech 2?

A: Tech 2 refers to a class of ships, modules and ammunition that are more advanced than their Tech 1 counterparts. In order to use these items, you must have the proper level of training in the corresponding skill and be using a ship that has some type of “rig” slot for fitting.

Q: Can I use Tech 1 modules on my Tech 2 ship?

A: No, you cannot fit any modules other than what were originally designed for your ship. For example, if you were flying a Tech 2 Caldari Cruiser called a Drake and tried to fit it with a standard Caldari Missile Launcher (Tech 1), it would not work.

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