Easy Security Hacks for Your Smartphone, iPad or Tablet

We want to keep our smartphones and tablets safe, but we don’t always know how. A blog on smartphone security and protecting your device from viruses.

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A blog about smartphone security and protecting your device from viruses.

Learn how to keep your smartphone and tablet secure and protect yourself from hackers.

Did you know it takes about 10 minutes for a hacker to break into a smartphone? Do you know the easy security tricks that can help keep your devices safe from viruses and hackers? This blog will walk you through the steps you need to take to keep hackers away, safeguard your personal data and protect yourself from identity theft.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

How to Keep Your Smartphone Secure

As long as you have a smartphone, tablet or laptop, there’s always the possibility that you may lose your device. You may leave it in a cab or accidentally drop it on the subway tracks. You may also become a victim of theft or your device may get hacked.

Whatever the reason for losing your phone, iPad or laptop, it’s important that you take the necessary precautions to protect the data on your device and make it easy for you to get a new one when needed. This can include everything from encrypting data and using two-step authentication to backing up data regularly. Here are some easy security hacks that will help you protect your device:

1. Turn on two-step verification

2. Encrypt your hard drive

3. Lock down your accounts

4. Use strong passwords

5. Backup your data

If you have a smartphone, tablet or iPad, it’s important to keep your device secure.

In 2013, the number of mobile malware attacks increased by 58 percent and the number is expected to rise even higher in 2014.

While it’s unlikely that anyone would want to steal your information through your phone, there could be some valuable data on your device including bank account details, work emails, photos and more.

To ensure that you can protect your device from hackers and viruses, follow these easy security tips.

1. Choose a secure passcode

One of the easiest ways that someone can gain access to your device is if they know your passcode. While it may seem like a difficult task for someone to guess what you would use as a passcode, there are many ways that hackers can find out this information.

If you have email on your smartphone or tablet, an attacker can attempt to guess your password by entering common variations on the “Forgot Password?” page on the email login screen. If they correctly guess what it is then they will be able to reset the password and access all of your information from that account. If they don’t then they will likely lock you out of the account until you contact support

You may not think about security on your smartphone, but it’s just as important as securing your computer. With the help of a few simple tips in this article, you can better protect your phone from viruses and hackers.

Phones are much more than just communication devices nowadays, with many people using them to store sensitive information, including banking information. If you don’t take steps to secure your device, there are countless ways that thieves could steal your data.

You can easily protect yourself by following some of the security tips below.

1. Always use a passcode on your smartphone

This should go without saying, but it’s amazing how many people don’t use a passcode on their phones. Without one, anyone who steals or finds your phone can easily access all of its content. If you don’t have a passcode enabled, all of your personal data is at risk, including contact information for friends and family members (which could be used to phish for details), private photos or videos (which could end up online) and any other sensitive information that you have stored on your phone.

It’s very easy to set a passcode on most smartphones; just open the settings menu and look for an option like “passcode.” Enter the same code twice and

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