Are Your Gifts Looking Up at You? How to make tech gifts more enjoyable

Imagine a gift that is looking up at you, not down on you. This is an open letter to tech companies who want to make tech gifts more enjoyable:

Have you ever seen someone open their new iPhone and go straight for the camera? Have you ever seen a kid take apart their new toy to see how it works? Why do we do this? Because we want to get in there and play.

The moment of discovery is what we remember. We remember the excitement of the discovery, that flash of creativity when we realize “this can be used for so much more than what I bought it for.”

People don’t spend money on technology because they like the instructions that come with it. They spend money on technology because they want to use it to create something amazing. And yet, some tech companies have gotten into this habit of giving us more instructions than inspiration.

The way your gift is presented can make or break its success as a gift (and maybe even as a product). Don’t underestimate the importance of unboxing. Here are some things to consider:

Speech: Are your instructions too long? Did you tell them everything about your product in one speech? What if you left out some of the information and let them discover it on their own

There are a lot of tech gifting guides out there, mostly recommending things like the Nest Thermostat and the Apple Watch. But what if you want your gift to be a little more… creative?

This blog is about interesting ways to present tech gifts. We feature projects that involve opening mechanisms, special packaging, or other unusual aspects that make the gift-giving experience memorable for both giver and receiver.**

Giving gifts is one of the most delightful things we can do in a year. Whether it’s to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, or simply as an expression of love for these people, there are many reasons why we give gifts. The joy and happiness that it brings to both the giver and receiver makes it something we look forward to.

However, if you feel that this joy is not as great as it should be because you keep on giving the same kind of gift over and over again, then you should definitely start thinking about changing your gift ideas. In fact, it is always wise to start looking for interesting ways to present tech gifts.

Why? Have you ever wondered how much more enjoyable your gift-giving experience will be if you go beyond the usual picture frames or chocolates? Have you ever imagined how much more appreciated your gifts will be if they were something unique? If you want to make sure that your gifts are not just appreciated but treasured, then it would certainly help to have them personalized.

Tech gifts can be exciting and fun, but they can also be annoying and confusing.

Tech gifts tend to be more interesting than the non-tech gifts. Many new devices have no instruction manuals, but rather a quick-start guide.

A rule of thumb is that the fancier the tech gift is, the fewer instructions you get for how to use it. But don’t worry! Here are some tips on how to make tech gifts a more enjoyable experience.

Before you even open a box, read up on how the thing works and what it does. If the package says “quick start guide” or “instruction manual,” chances are good you’ll spend a lot of time looking at the thing and scratching your head because you don’t know what to do with it. This is especially true of tablets, laptops, computers, and smart phones.

So save yourself some time by searching online first to see if there are instructions or other information about your device.

Note: If you find yourself looking up “how to use” in an online search bar, try typing in “how to use (insert name of product here).” This will give you better results. Also try searching for videos on YouTube that show you how to use your new

Technology is a way to give gifts. The problem is that technology is not like other gifts. The best tech gifts are things the recipient would never have thought to buy for themselves. But if you don’t know how the technology works, how can you know what no one else would think of? There are two ways: ask someone who knows, or look at what other people have bought.

You could send them a list of links, but that’s a lot of work, and it would be nice to be able to see all those things in one place. A catalog is perfect for that: it’s something physical to look at when you’re not on the computer.

But if you’ve been shopping for tech gifts for very long, you’ve noticed that there aren’t any catalogs left. Or even flyers or brochures; most stores don’t even have paper price lists anymore. That’s because tech companies don’t make them. If they did, their customers probably wouldn’t go online first; they would use the catalogs as a starting point instead of as an afterthought from the store.

For some reason this doesn’t seem to occur to the companies that make tech products. They just see their products as commodities, and try to drive down their cost per

It’s that time again, when we all think about what to get people for the holidays. As a guy who likes both technology and giving gifts, I’m always looking for a tech-related gift idea. But it’s hard to find good ideas.

Don’t get me wrong: there are millions of tech products on the market, and each one is available in several different colors and with several optional accessories. If you just want to give someone something techy, you have plenty of options!

But if you want to give a great gift — something that really delights the recipient — then you need more than just a product. You need an idea. You need a way to present the product so that it seems thoughtful instead of generic.

This year I’ve been thinking about how that could be done with Google Glass. The most obvious way to present Glass as a gift would be to give the person a ticket to your city for when Glass ships next year. That would be nice! But it’s also pretty much what Google will do when they ship it themselves. People might even feel like they’re getting less from you as a gift-giver because yours won’t come with an official Google setup session (at least not yet).

Many people are interested in technology these days. Many people are also becoming more aware about the environment and doing their part to protect it for future generations. Although, there is a perception that tech gifts and green living can’t go hand in hand, this isn’t necessarily true.

If you have a friend or family member who loves both technology and the environment, you may be wondering what to get them as a gift. There are several ways to find great tech gifts that are also environmentally friendly. This can help make your gift recipient happy while also helping you to feel good about your gift-giving habits.When looking for tech gifts, it is important to consider whether or not the product is environmentally friendly. Many products on the market today are not manufactured using eco-friendly practices, but there are plenty of options out there for those who want to do their part for the environment.

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