AirSealer™ is a revolutionary new way to protect your home from dust, pollen and other airborne particles.

By using the power of negative air pressure, AirSealer™ removes air-borne pollutants and pulls fresh air in through a HEPA filter. In addition to its proven performance against dust and pollen, the AirSealer™ has been shown to be effective against viruses, bacteria, and mould spores – making it an essential defence against household germs.

AirSealer™ uses advanced negative pressure technology to create a powerful suction force that pulls dust and particles away from the surfaces of your home. The AirSealer™ then draws these particles out through the HEPA filter, removing them from your home forever. Using this system, AirSealer™ makes it easy to keep your entire home clean without lifting a finger!

The AirSealer™ is the first of its kind in home sealing technology. Our competitors may claim to seal your home, but only the AirSealer™ seals your home with air!

The AirSealer™ uses a revolutionary new method to seal your whole house: air! Other products use methods that are inefficient and costly, like “tape” or “foam”. The AirSealer™ blows air on your house and seals it with air. It’s so simple you won’t believe it works!

AirSealer™ is an important part of the AirSealer™ Total Indoor Air Comfort System. A properly sized AirSealer™ will maximize your family’s healthy indoor air environment, by minimizing the penetration of outdoor pollutants and allergens.

The AirSealer™ Total Indoor Air Comfort System consists of a two-stage high-efficiency gas furnace with an electrically commutated motor (ECM), a variable speed blower, a high-efficiency air conditioner or heat pump with ECM, and the powerful AirSealer™. The ECM motor in both the furnace and air conditioner or heat pump reduce energy consumption at all stages of operation, from start up to full capacity.

The AirSealer™ is a home appliance that uses high-frequency sound waves to seal plastic packaging. It is a small, table-top model (8″ x 12″ x 3″) that plugs into any 120VAC outlet, and operates in a completely safe manner.

It works like this: When the user places an item inside the AirSealer’s™ chamber, an infrared light beam detects when the lid is closed. At this time, a high-frequency sound transducer emits high frequency sound waves inaudible to the human ear (approximately 20 kilohertz). The sound waves are emitted until the infrared detector senses that the lid has been reopened.

The AirSealer™ can be used to reseal opened bags of potato chips, pretzels, corn chips and other snack foods, fresh coffee beans or ground coffee, pet food, bird seed, and numerous other items that need to be kept fresh after opening. The AirSealer™ also reseals freezer storage bags and cellophane wrapping.

The manufacturer recommends using the AirSealer™ only with plastic storage bags; it will not work with metal or glass containers.

The AirSealer™ is a patent-pending, portable device that quickly and safely tests for the presence of drafty air leaks in your home. Simply hold the AirSealer™ near doors and windows, or any other potentially drafty area in your home, and if air is leaking out, it will emit an audible beeping noise.

To use the AirSealer™:

1. Turn on the power switch located on the back of the device.

2. Press and release the RESET button located on the front of the device. The blue light indicator will turn on and an audible “beep” will sound.

3. Open a door or window in your home to test that the device is functioning properly. The blue light indicator should remain on and the device should continue to beep as long as a draft is present at that location. If it does not, check to ensure that you have replaced batteries with fresh ones (see Replacement Batteries section) and that they are installed properly in accordance with instructions located on inside of battery compartment cover (see Battery Installation section).

4. Hold the AirSealer™ perpendicular to areas where drafts may be found; such as doors, windows, electrical outlets, plumbing fixtures

The AirSealer™ is a unique device that dramatically reduces air conditioning costs by sealing air leaks around windows and doors. It is quick, easy, and affordable.

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