7 Health Tech Startups That Disrupt Your Daily Life

At the forefront of modern medicine, health tech startups are ready to disrupt your daily life.

In the next five years, the health tech market is expected to grow by a staggering $233 billion. The explosion of wearable devices and sensors – such as Fitbit and Apple Watch – has given health tech startups a new channel for healthcare services. Now, consumers can track their daily exercise in real-time on their phones.

Health tech startups are not only improving lives through better health monitoring but also by providing cheaper alternatives to traditional medical advice. Whether its telemedicine or virtual doctors, these startups are finding new ways to improve our health at a lower cost than ever before.

These 7 startups are at the forefront of innovation in the health tech industry:

If you’re not paying attention, you might miss the ways health tech startups are disrupting your daily life.

In 2013, venture capital funding in digital health topped $1 billion for the first time. The market is booming with new ideas and products that promise to make our lives healthier.

While some innovations – like the Apple Watch – are more obvious than others, there are plenty of tech companies that are making waves in the industry.

Here are seven health tech startups that could change your life.

Today’s health tech startups are setting out to change the way we think about health and fitness. From apps that manage your daily activity to devices that connect you to a live doctor, today’s digital health companies are always finding new ways to disrupt the healthcare market with innovative solutions. In fact, according to Rock Health, the digital health market has raised $1.3 billion in venture capital funding so far this year!

Health tech startups have the potential to change our daily lives for the better. They help us monitor our diets, track our exercise routines, and keep up with our treatment plans. They allow us to access medical records and vital information about our personal health at any time. And most importantly, they can save us money on healthcare costs.

To show you how these startups are changing the game in healthcare, here are seven innovative health tech companies that are transforming your daily life:

The health tech market is booming as new health-related technology combined with consumer demand for more control over personal health is driving innovation in this space. In 2014, investors put $4.1 billion into digital health startups, compared to $1.1 billion in 2010, according to CB Insights.

A number of startups have focused on consumer health and fitness tracking devices. There are now countless apps and devices that can track your steps, heart rate and sleep patterns. These tools can be used by consumers to learn about their own health and then share the information with doctors or friends via social media apps. They have also proven useful for doctors and fitness professionals who can use them to better understand the health and fitness of their patients in real time.

But, as we move beyond activity tracking, we are seeing new startups that are using technology to disrupt other areas of our daily lives in relation to health. Here are 7 of these companies:

We’re always on the lookout for new health tech startups that are changing our daily lives. We recently came across a few promising startups that are worth checking out.

1. GlamSquad

2. ClassPass

3. Care/of

4. Lark Health

5. Habit

6. Fitbit

7. Healthtap

1. Medisafe

2. The Pill Club

3. HealthTap

4. Neat Nutrition

5. PatchMD

6. Doctor on Demand

7. Heal

Our sleep is one of the most important parts of our life. Without a good night’s sleep, we can’t function well. Sleep affects our performance, mood and health in general.

What if you could monitor your sleep and have a better quality of it? That’s what Beddit does. The company sells a small device that you put under your bed sheet. It monitors your heart rate, respiratory rate, sleeping patterns and breathing times. This information is then used to give you suggestions on how to improve the quality of your sleep.

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