6 Gadgets That Will Change Our Lives

The next six gadgets will change our lives and make us rethink the way we use technology.

1. Google Glass

2. Sony Smartwatch

3. Apple iPhone 5S

4. The Kinect

5. Google Project Glass

6. Square Wallet

A young man came up to me at a party recently and asked what I do. I told him that I run a blog about technology. “Oh, you’re a geek!” he said, as if that were something to be ashamed of.

Well, the truth is that he was right; but I’m not sure he realised quite how right he was. For geeks like me, the past 10 years have been an extraordinary time to be around, with new gadgets coming along almost every month to make our lives more comfortable and entertaining.

But we ain’t seen nothing yet. The next decade is going to bring even more exciting things for us geeks to play with – and for everyone else too! Here are six of them…

Wearable technology, 3D printing and holographic imaging will be among the top technological advances in the next decade, according to a new survey that asked experts to pick the trends that will change our lives.

The study, by market research firm PSB for US telecoms giant Verizon, questioned nearly 800 technology leaders about what innovations would be most significant over the next ten years.

The survey was conducted at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which is currently showcasing more than 20,000 new products.

The results suggest the tech sector is expecting increasingly wearable gadgets to become commonplace in the future. Google Glass has already generated a lot of interest in recent months, but other wearable devices could include watches with built-in cameras and phones implanted into clothing or jewellery.

3D printing, which allows users to create real-world objects from digital files, also made it onto the list – alongside holographic imaging and voice-controlled interfaces.

“What’s exciting about this list is that we’re seeing technology trends converge,” said Verizon’s vice president of innovation and new business development, John Doherty. “We’re seeing holograms mixed with 3D printing mixed with augmented reality – all coming together and really starting to intersect.”

The existence of the Internet has made it easier for anyone to view and share any type of information. We’re living in a time where futuristic gadgets are being released at breakneck speeds, but many of them don’t actually have an impact on our lives. It’s time to take a look at some technologies that will have a major impact on our daily lives.

1. Virtual Reality Headsets

2. Smart Glasses

3. Augmented Reality Apps

4. Solar-Powered Gadgets

5. Self-Driving Cars

6. Wearable Tech

The next generation of smartphones will be capable of handling hundreds of terabytes of data and processing data at the speed of light, according to experts.

The future phones will also feature a host of sensors that will let them work as an extension of users’ senses, said engineers who were speaking at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

The smart phones will replace most gadgets that people carry today, including tablets, cameras and game consoles. They will be able to project holograms and let people interact with digital objects and content in real time. They would also be able to operate as a digital wallet by storing all information about credit cards, loyalty and membership cards, travel details and vouchers.

Researchers also expect smart devices to become more intelligent in future by having the ability to learn from their users’ behaviour over time.

The robots of the future will be built to help us and not replace us. The next generation of robots will be focused on assisting people in a variety of ways, and we’ve found some great examples. A robot valet will let you drop off your car at a hotel parking garage, then park it for you and return it to you when you’re ready to leave.

Check out these other robots that can assist you with housework, moving objects around your home, and carrying heavy items.


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