6 eco-friendly gadgets that save you time and money

But some gadgets are greener than others. These six green gadgets can help you save time and money around the house.

1. iRobot Roomba 770 Vacuum Cleaning Robot: With this automatic vacuum, you can clean your floors without picking up a broom or even pressing a button. The 770’s special dustbin traps dirt and dust so you don’t have to worry about emptying it in the middle of vacuuming. You can also program it to clean your floors on its own while you’re at work or asleep. It’s compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

2. Nest Learning Thermostat: It’s easy to forget that cranking up your heat when you step into a cold house uses more energy (and costs more money). Luckily, the Nest thermostat has an Auto-Away feature that detects when you’ve left the house and automatically turns down the temperature to save energy while you’re gone. You can also connect it to your smartphone so that you can control the temperature from anywhere.

3. Philips Hue Light Bulbs: No matter how much natural light your home gets, these bulbs can add color, ambiance, and even security without costing too much money or energy. The Hue is compatible with Amazon Alexa

With the Earth’s natural resources being used up at an alarming rate, it makes sense to invest in gadgets that help you become more eco-friendly. From helping you save energy at home, to reducing your carbon footprint while you’re on the move, here are six gadgets that can help make your life a little greener.

1. The Smart AC Controller

2. The Nest Thermostat

3. Philips Hue Lights

4. The Belkin WeMo Switch

5. The Parrot Flower Power Sensor

6. The Dropcam Pro

The world is becoming more environmentally conscious but you can be too. You don’t have to be a tree hugger to buy eco-friendly gadgets that help save time and money. Here are a few green gadgets that help you do both:

1)Eco-Friendly Laptop

With the popularity of laptops, many companies are putting out eco-friendly versions. The EcoQube Air is a mini-aquarium that doubles as an air purifier. The tank uses plants to clean the water naturally, which in turn helps purify the air you breathe. The company behind the product said that it removes VOCs (volatile organic compounds) like formaldehyde, benzene and toluene from the air.

2)Eco-Friendly Car

There are cars out there now that use less gas, or none at all. Cars that use fuel cell technology take hydrogen gas and combine it with oxygen to produce electricity. There aren’t many places where you can get hydrogen gas yet, but the car manufacturer’s are looking for ways to make these cars more practical for consumers. Electric cars on the other hand plug into an outlet to give them power and can be charged at home overnight on a standard outlet.

1. Green Gadgets: Save on Energy Costs With the Kill-a-Watt EZ Electricity Usage Monitor

The Kill-A-Watt EZ electricity usage monitor is a great tool for understanding your home’s energy consumption. Using this gadget is like having a personal assistant who watches how much electricity your appliances are using and how much they cost to operate. It’s perfect for discovering how much energy you’re wasting, and which devices use up the most electricity when they’re left turned on or in standby mode. You’ll be able to see the results in dollars, cents, and even greenhouse gas emissions.

2. Green Gadgets: Save On Energy Costs With The Belkin Conserve Smart AV

The Belkin Conserve Smart AV will make it much easier for you to unplug your electronics when they aren’t in use, which can save you a lot of money on your monthly electric bill. This green gadget automatically cuts off power to your audio visual equipment when it’s not needed. It works by detecting if you’ve turned off your TV or stereo, and then shutting off power to related devices such as DVD players, video game consoles, and cable boxes that are plugged into the same power strip.

3. Green Gadgets: Save On Water Costs

How many times have you heard someone declare, “I’m so eco-conscious”? Probably too many to count, but how many times have you actually seen this person engage in eco-friendly behavior? People love to talk the talk when it comes to being green and environmentally conscious, but walking the walk is a different story.

If you are one of those people that wants to live a greener life, here are some fun and easy ways for you to do it. These gadgets are sure to save you time, money and help keep the earth clean for future generations.

1. Solar Powered Lanterns

2. The SensorPEDIC Drying Rack

3. The EcoBlaster Wash System

4. The Bamboo iPhone Case

5. The Smartphone Tire Inflator/Auto Safety Kit

6. Waterpebble Shower Timer

A survey by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) found that environmentally aware consumers are more likely to spend money on green technology than their less eco-conscious counterparts.

The survey, which was conducted in partnership with The Climate Group and the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, found that about 73 percent of respondents who consider themselves “environmentally aware” said they were somewhat or very likely to purchase a green tech product in the next 12 months. Meanwhile, only 47 percent of those who are “less environmentally aware” said they would buy green tech.

The survey also found that more than half (58 percent) of the respondents who plan to buy tech products in the next year say they will consider how environmentally friendly a product is when making their decision.

So what are some of the best green gadgets on the market? Check out these six energy efficient devices:

The U.S. Department of Energy has estimated that more than half of the electricity used in the average home is wasted. This can really add up on your utility bill, and also isn’t very eco-friendly. The good news is that there are a ton of gadgets out there that can help you save energy and money while maintaining a green lifestyle.

Smart Strip

The Smart Strip is an amazing product that automatically turns off electronics when they are not in use. One strip plugs into your wall, and then the gadgets you want to conserve energy with plug into the Smart Strip. You can plug your TV, DVD player, video game console, DVR, or any other electronic into it that you want to conserve energy with. When you turn off your TV, for example, the Smart Strip will sense this and also turn off your DVD player and video game console so they aren’t using electricity while they aren’t in use.

Honeywell Thermostat

If you want to save money on heating and cooling costs without having to put on an extra sweater or lose sleep under a pile of blankets all night long, look no further than the Honeywell Thermostat. This thermostat allows you to program it so you only use as much heat or air conditioning

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