6 Best Apps For Tech Geeks In 2014

There are many apps that are launched every day in the app store. Many of them do not reach their potential or deliver quality content to users. This blog is based around 6 of the best apps that delivered quality to users in 2014.

The first app is called IFTTT, which stands for if this then that. The app allows people to create recipes using different ingredients and channels to automate everything from social media to devices like thermostats and lights.

The second app is called Google Now. Google Now is an extension of the search engine that was created by Google in 2012. It gives users information based on their interests and habits, as well as other personal information provided by the user. Users can use this app without having to ask for the specific information they want, making it a one stop shop for all things Google.

The third app is called Mailbox and was created by Dropbox in 2013. It has been extremely popular because it allows users to organize their email account so that they can get work done faster and easier. The Mailbox app also automatically pulls out attachments from emails, making it easier for users to view them separately from their inboxes.

The fourth app is called Inbox, which was released by Gmail in 2014 as a way for users to

Its the end of 2014 and its time to look back at how far technology has come and what can be expected in the new year. We’ve seen a lot of new apps this year as well as some great upgrades to existing apps that have really made our lives so much easier. Here is my list of 6 Best Apps For Tech Geeks In 2014:

1. Google Now – while it may not be quite the same as the all knowing computer from Star Trek, its the closest we have got so far on mobile phones. The app can be accessed by swiping up from the home button on Android devices and allows you to see cards related to your interests, search history and where you are currently located. It can even give you a heads up about traffic or tell you when your next flight is due to depart.

2. Microsoft Office (Android/iOS) – This is one of the most useful applications for busy professionals who need their work to go with them wherever they go. With access rto Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, this app is pretty much a mini PC in your pocket that lets you edit documents on the go.

3. IFTTT – If This Then That is an application that lets users create simple commands based on triggers from other applications or

Today’s landscape of mobile applications is ever-changing, and the new year gives us a chance to look back at what came out of 2014.

No matter if you’re an Android, iOS or Windows Phone user – there were plenty of useful apps that made our lives easier. In case you missed any of them, today we’re going to take a look at 6 best apps for tech geeks in 2014.

1. Aviate – Android

This app changes the way your home screen looks on your Android phone by learning about your daily habits to give you quick access to the most important apps and information. The more you use Aviate, the better it gets at serving you up the most relevant content based on the time of day, location, and what you usually do within each time period. If you have a specific app that’s used regularly within certain times or locations (e.g., Maps when driving), it’ll be available right from the home screen according to your usage patterns.

2. Launch Center Pro 2 – iOS

Launch Center Pro is an app launcher that has been around for a while but recently received a major update with great new features like location-based actions and widgets that give users instant access to their favorite actions on their iPhones and iPads without

There are countless apps available in the google play store and apple store. Most of them are just junk while some are really useful. And there are only a few that really stand out from the crowd. In this blog, we will talk about those which stood out in 2014 and were the best apps that tech geeks really loved.


There is nothing new to say about Gmail. It is one of the most popular email clients around. And it is also one of the favorite apps for tech geeks. Gmail has been evolving all year around and has come up with many outstanding features that made it more than just an email client. Gmail now comes with an all new inbox that brings together all your emails from different accounts into one inbox. The app also introduced undo send feature, which will allow you to unsend the email if you have sent it by mistake or if you think you need to add more content to it.

Google Calendar

Google calendar provides a comprehensive solution for managing your daily activities. You can manage your daily work schedule, set reminders, set notifications etc using this app. This app has been a great tool for techies as they spend their busy lives trying to keep up with their schedules and events they need to attend on a daily basis.

2014 has been a great year for tech, with some truly amazing gadgets hitting the market. From the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S5, to the Google Nexus 5, there is plenty of choice out there if you want a new phone, tablet or laptop.

Another great thing about 2014 is that there have been more than a few apps released that have been made specifically for tech lovers. Below are six of our favorites.

1. The Manual Camera app

The Manual Camera app is an awesome way for photographers to take control of their camera’s settings on their Android device. The app lets you manually adjust your ISO, shutter speed and focus distance, letting you create professional looking photos with your smartphone. It’s also possible to use the Manual Camera app in conjunction with your device’s flash.

2. Poweramp Music Player

The Poweramp Music Player received an update in late 2014 that introduced support for Android Lollipop and Material Design. This makes it one of the best music apps around right now as it delivers a great user-interface as well as all the tools you need to play your music collection anywhere you are–either online or off. It’s also possible to customize the look of Poweramp by downloading new skins from Google Play.

3. AirDroid 3

The new year is an ideal time to get a fresh start and set new goals. If you’re a tech geek, you might be interested in the latest apps of 2014. These apps can help you with productivity, communication, organization, and more. Consider one or two from this list:

Slack: This messaging app for businesses allows users to communicate quickly and effectively among teams. Slack also integrates with other apps such as Google Drive, Twitter, Dropbox, Heroku, Crashlytics, Github and Zendesk.

Mailbox: This app helps users organize their email messages into lists so they can respond to them in a timely fashion or delete those they don’t need. Mailbox also allows users to save emails for later review or check them off as done when they have been taken care of.

Mint: Mint makes it easier than ever to stay on top of your finances. The app lets you manage all of your bank accounts and credit cards in one place so you can see where your money is going at a glance. You can also create budgets and set up bill reminders so you are never late with a payment again.

IFTTT: If This Then That (IFTTT) connects popular web services together for better functionality. Users can create

If you’re a dedicated tech geek, the last thing you need is an excuse to buy more gadgets. But the truth is that new technology is emerging all the time that can help make your life a lot easier. Whether it’s making sure you never lose your keys again, or just having fun with some of the latest apps, there are loads of cool new gadgets and accessories out there that will make your life easier. Here are six of my favorites that I discovered this year.

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