5 Ways to Work Clean in Tech

The 5 Ways to Work Clean in Tech

In a world where information is within our reach at the speed of light, it’s become easier to get the dirt on someone without knowing the whole story.

The question is: how do you work clean in the tech industry? The answer is pretty simple: just be yourself.

There are tons of ways to work clean in tech, ranging from your physical workspace to how you interact with others. Here are five easy ways to work clean in tech.

1. Keep Your Workspace Clean

2. Be Professional Online

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

4. Keep Personal and Work Separate

5. Take Care of Yourself

In this article I will outline 5 ways you can work cleanly in the tech industry. The goal is to produce quality software quickly and efficiently, without compromising on quality. This has many benefits:

You will be able to create software more quickly

The software will be of high quality

Your colleagues will respect you more

You won’t get fired!

Computers can sometimes be very frustrating. I don’t know anyone who has never experienced a computer malfunction at some point in their lives. Here are some tips and tricks to help prevent those annoying computer issues.

– Be sure to update your software when updates are available.

– Keep your hard drive nearly empty. Running programs will increase their speed, but filling the hard drive can decrease their speed significantly. It is recommended to keep your C: drive only 1/4 full.

– Scan for possible viruses and malware regularly using Malwarebytes or a similar program.

– Backup important files in case of hard drive failure or other emergencies.

– Clean up dust from the inside of the tower once a year to ensure proper airflow and cooling for key components in the computer.

1. Take the time to check your grammar and spelling.

2. Use a professional email address (preferably a .edu).

3. Don’t use all caps or a lot of exclamation points.

4. Proofread your resume for typos and bring it to career fairs!

5. Have proper formatting on your resume and cover letter.

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