5 Best Portable GPS Devices Of 2017

5 Best Portable GPS Devices Of 2017:

Portable GPS devices can be a great help to get you around an unfamiliar destination or even when travelling in your own country. Let us take a look at some of the best portable GPS devices that are available in the market right now.

1. Garmin Nuvi 67LM 6-Inch Portable Vehicle GPS:

This is one of the best portable GPS devices available in the market today. This portable GPS device comes with free lifetime map updates and free lifetime traffic avoidance. It comes with a bright 6 inch dual-orientation display and has speed limit indicator that shows current speed limit on most major roads. It helps you avoid traffic and saves you time by finding the most efficient routes for you to take based on your schedule and preferences. The device also provides lane assist with junction view which gives detailed views of upcoming junctions and uses brightly colored arrows to indicate your proper lane position for turns and exits.

2. Garmin DriveSmart 50 NA LMT GPS Navigator System:

This is another one of the best portable GPS devices available in the market today. This 5 inch navigator comes with free lifetime map updates, live traffic and live parking information as well as Bluetooth hands-free calling compatibility. Garmin Real Directions feature offers guidance

It’s no secret that cars have a tendency to get lost. The opportunity to give them directions is one of the most compelling reasons to install a GPS device in your vehicle. However, there are other reasons to consider the purchase of a portable GPS such as keeping track of your kid’s car or your spouse’s driving habits.

There are many models on the market today, but we’ve taken the time to narrow down the best 5 portable GPS devices available in 2017.

1. Garmin Nuvi 2597LMT

2. TomTom VIA 1525TM

3. Garmin nüvi 2797LMT

4. Magellan RoadMate 2036-MU

5. TomTom GO 60 S

There is no doubt that GPS devices are a great invention. If you have one, you can easily find your destination even if you don’t know the way. It will show you clear directions and tell you when to go right or left. So, this is great for people who travel a lot and sometimes get lost in unknown places.

When it comes to buying a GPS device, there are many options available on the market. They differ in features and price. However, the most important thing is to choose one that fits your needs best. Here is our selection of the top 5 GPS devices of 2017:

Garmin DriveSmart 61 NA LMT-S

TomTom GO 50 S Portable Vehicle GPS

Garmin Nuvi 67LM 6-Inch GPS Navigator

Garmin Drive 5″ LM EX GPS Navigator

Mio Moov M610 Automotive GPS Receiver

For those who are looking for the best portable gps devices, I am here to help. I will show you five of the best devices available in 2017.

The first one on my list is the Garmin GPSMAP 64st, which is a popular and well-known device among hikers and campers. This unit comes with a 2.6″ sunlight readable color screen, which is large enough to see but small enough to fit into your pocket or backpack. It has a high-sensitivity GPS and GLONASS receiver with quad helix antenna and supports BirdsEye Satellite Imagery (subscription required) and Custom Maps compatible.

It comes with 3-axis electronic compass with barometric altimeter that shows your heading even when you’re standing still, without holding it level. It also has a wireless connectivity through Bluetooth technology or ANT+ that lets you share routes, tracks, waypoints, geocaches, custom maps and photos between units so you can have more than one person view your location at once.

It is waterproof and shock resistant which means it can withstand any weather conditions such as rain or snow while being exposed to sunlight all day long! You won’t have to worry about damaging this device even if you drop it from up high because it’s

GPS devices are used for multiple purposes in today’s world. It is not only for the vehicle tracking but also for knowing about the exact location you are standing. You will find variety of GPS devices and these are used for different reasons. Some of these devices are available at a higher price while some of them can be used at a lower price. These GPS devices can be used as fitness trackers and also in different vehicles. We have researched and found out top five best portable GPS devices that you can use and benefit from it. You can choose between Garmin or TomTom or any other device and buy one of them which suits your needs best.

1.Garmin nüvi 57LM 5-Inch Portable Vehicle GPS with Lifetime Maps

This is a portable GPS device which is best suited for a car or a truck driver. It comes with a lifetime map update which is free after purchasing this device.

2.Garmin eTrex 20x, Handheld GPS Navigator, Enhanced Memory and Resolution, 2.2-inch Color Display, Water Resistant

This is another amazing device that has been provided by Garmin which gives the users an amazing experience when it comes to driving to an unfamiliar location. It comes with bright color display which gives

It might be a bit of an understatement to say that we live in a technologically advanced world. We’ve come a long way from where we were fifty years ago, and that’s true for more than just electronics. In fact, one of the most prominent developments in technology over the past few years has been the global positioning system (GPS).

The GPS is a system that was originally developed by the U.S. Department of Defense back in 1973. It was designed so the government could track and coordinate military assets, but it wasn’t until after 2000 that companies like Garmin and TomTom started using it as a navigation tool for cars. Since then, GPS technology has made its way into all kinds of devices, even ones you might not expect — like watches.

In this article, we will be going over five of our favorite portable GPS devices on the market today. These are the best GPS watches and GPS tracking devices for cars and other vehicles, as well as some high-quality handheld units for outdoor use, such as hiking.

For some, there is no replacement for a dedicated GPS device. But whether you’re looking for a reliable way to navigate, or just want to maximize your hiking experience in the wilderness, there are plenty of options available. Here are our top picks for the best portable GPS devices for explorers of all stripes.

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