4 Strange Facts about Gamers

This is a blog post about the tech and gaming industry. It discusses strange facts about gamers that many people don’t know.

The strange facts are:

1. Gamers are usually very smart

2. Gamers are usually good at multitasking

3. Gamers tend to be more social than non-gamers

4. Gamers are less likely to get addicted to a drug than non-gamers

4 Strange Facts about Gamers

Gamers are not the stereotypical lonely nerds that have been depicted in pop culture over the years. The truth is, many gamers are well-adjusted individuals who are in high demand in the tech world. They have a variety of skills that make them highly competitive with other candidates. But there are some strange facts about gamers that you may not know.

1. Gamers Are Older Than You Think

One myth that has stuck around is that gamers tend to be young people who play games in their parents’ basement. However, a study by the Entertainment Software Association found that 45 percent of gamers are over 36! It is true that older people tend to spend less time playing video games than younger people do, but this does not mean they do not enjoy spending some time gaming every now and then. In fact, when it comes to purchasing games, older players outnumber younger players by almost two to one!

2. Gamers Are More Likely to Have Higher Education Degrees

Since the dawn of video games, people have blamed playing games for causing violence and stupidity among children and teens. But studies conducted over the last few decades suggest otherwise. In fact, gamers have a slight edge over nongamers when it comes to education and

4 Strange Facts about Gamers by George Lassiter

Gamers have been a huge part of the internet culture since before the internet even became popular. While it may seem like the gaming industry is a fairly new one, there are plenty of strange facts about gamers that we bet you never knew. Here are just a few interesting ones that we think you’ll enjoy learning!

1. The Average Gamer Is 30 Years Old

It should probably be no surprise to hear that the average age of gamers continues to rise over time, and that trend has been going on for quite some time now. Recent research has shown that not only is the average gamer older than most people think, but there is also more diversity among gamers than you might expect.

According to a report from the Entertainment Software Association, nearly half (48%) of all gamers are women and nearly half (46%) of all gamers are over 18 years old. In fact, the median age of all players in 2018 was 35 years old, with only 9 percent being under 18 years old – and it’s likely that only a small percentage of those players were under 10 years old.

While young men do make up a large portion of gamers, they don’t make up the majority. That honor goes to adult

Gamers are a strange bunch. Whether you are one or know someone who is, you have no doubt encountered some of the odder behavioral tendencies that set these folks apart from the rest of us.

Here are four strange facts about gamers:

They’re not all male: it’s a common misconception that most players in the gaming industry are men. However, a recent study by Nielsen showed that women make up about 45% of all gamers, and play almost as much as men do. Many of these female gamers are adults, with over half being above the age of 36.

They’re not just on PCs anymore: another popular myth is that PC gaming is the most popular form of interactive entertainment out there today. While it’s true that the PC platform has the biggest selection, it actually comes in second in terms of popularity. Mobile games are rapidly becoming more popular than any other format – casual games like Candy Crush and Angry Birds particularly appeal to players on-the-go, who may not have a desktop or laptop at their disposal at all times.

They want more than just good graphics: this one is less surprising once you get to know your average gamer. After years of playing games with stunning visuals and graphics, players have come to expect

This game has you on the edge of your seat. The ideas behind the game are so revolutionary.

What is this game, you may ask? It’s a question that many people have been asking about for years.

The history of gaming, like any other industry, is full of strange facts and trivia. Here are some of the strangest things about gamers:

Gamers are really, really weird people. But why? Why do they play games? What makes them so strange? How can we explain their behavior?

Here are four strange facts about gamers:

1) Gamers Are All Different Ages

The average age of gamers is 31 years old. That means that there are lots of old people playing games, and lots of young people playing games too. So what does this mean for the industry? Well, it means that there isn’t a set age group that plays games. Anyone can play games, regardless of age. And as more people are introduced to gaming at a younger age, it will only increase the number of older gamers out there!

2) Gamers Play Games For Fun And Relaxation

Gamers play games because they enjoy them! They aren’t trying to get rich or famous by playing them either

Gamers are a very interesting group of people. While many of them are misunderstood, they tend to be some of the most dedicated people in the world. As with any group though, there are definitely some strange facts about gamers.

While it is true that not all gamers are men, most gamers are in fact males. The average age for males who play video games is between 35-44 years old. It is also estimated that around 42% of gamers are women.

A lot of people think that gaming is a waste of time and money, however this is not entirely true. Many video games can actually help prevent cognitive decline as we age. Games like Portal and World of Warcraft have been shown to improve brain functioning in many individuals. This includes improved mental acuity, spatial reasoning and reaction times.

Around 70% of gamers play with their friends at least once a week. In fact, almost half of those gamers play with their friends over the internet at least once a week. With games like League of Legends and Destiny being very popular online multiplayer games it is no wonder so many people prefer playing with others over playing alone!

Lastly, nearly 75% of surveyed parents believe that video games can have a positive impact on their children’s lives

The internet is a strange place. In the tech world, you can find many different types of people – from the entrepreneur to the gamer. You would think that in such a competitive environment, everyone would be focused on doing their own thing and not bothering others.

In reality, the tech industry is filled with a variety of people. Some are more competitive than others. There are online gamers who play competitively and there are those who prefer playing with their friends or solo.

There are also gamers who prefer to spend time in real life rather than online. These people can be hard to find because they don’t spend as much time online. But they do exist and they have some interesting things to say about video games and the gaming community.

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