2016 Digital Home Trends to Expect

The new year is right around the corner and with it comes a whole new set of digital home trends we can expect to see in the coming months. Our connected devices are already doing so much to make our lives easier and more enjoyable, so we are excited to see what 2016 will bring. We’ve rounded up some of the top digital home trends that we think will make a big impact next year:

Smart Homes: The smart home trend has been growing for a couple of years now, but 2016 will really be the tipping point for this category. More and more people are getting on board with the idea of controlling everything from their lights and thermostat to their front door locks from their smartphone or tablet. Besides being convenient and cool, smart homes also save homeowners money on utilities.

Security Cameras: Security cameras continue to make major strides in quality and ease-of-use. Homeowners want peace of mind when they leave their house empty, whether it’s for work or vacation, so it’s no wonder security cameras are becoming more popular.

Digital Assistants: Digital assistants like Amazon Echo have taken off in recent months thanks to their ability to help with everything from playing music to ordering pizza. We predict these types of digital assistants will

As we dive into 2016, the digital home will continue to evolve. Here are a few trends that we expect to see as the year progresses:

1. Smart Gadgets Will Get Smarter

The smart gadgets that we use in our homes today are just the beginning. As technology continues to advance, we’ll start seeing more and more devices that are capable of communicating with one another, working together to make our lives easier and better than ever before.

2. The Internet of Things Will Continue to Expand

As more and more devices get connected, the Internet of Things will continue to expand. We’ll start seeing less devices that require manual operation and more devices that can function on their own while you’re away from home.

In 2016, we can expect to see more gadgets and devices that are designed to make our lives easier. It’s estimated that there will be 25 billion devices connected to the internet by 2020, and household items are certainly no exception. No longer are digital devices just a part of the workplace. They’re commonplace in our homes.

From running a bath to checking who is at the door, we share with you some of the top digital home trends set to take over our homes this year.

Smart Kitchens: Smart kitchens are becoming more prevalent in modern households. The smart kitchen includes appliances like fridges that have built-in screens which can display recipes, tell you if your food is about to go out of date and even suggest alternatives to items you don’t have in stock.

The smart kitchen also includes gadgets like the iKettle which allows you to boil water from anywhere in your home. There is an app for this device which lets you prepare drinks remotely, so they’re ready as soon as you get home from work.

Smart Bathrooms: Some bathrooms now come complete with gadgets like sinks that dry your hands using UV light or a digital shower head that allows you to monitor how much water you use. You can also

This year we saw a rise in a number of trends from 2015, with smart home gadgets becoming more widely available and affordable. A new report from Juniper Research has predicted that the smart home market will reach a value of $83 billion by 2021.

Whether it’s controlling your lights, heating or security remotely via your mobile phone, this technology is becoming more popular than ever before. Here’s what you can expect in 2016 when it comes to digital home trends:

1. Smart thermostats

2. Smart lighting

3. Smart security systems

4. Smart appliances

Digital home gadgets are the next big thing that everyone is talking about right now. A digital home is a residence wherein all daily routines and tasks can be handled easily and efficiently through the use of digital technologies. The basic idea behind a digital home is to bring together technology and everyday living.

As consumers continue to integrate smart home technology and gadgets into their daily lives, tech companies are responding with new products that cater to the market.

According to a recent study, more than 70 percent of Americans are aware of smart home technology, and 27 percent of them currently own at least one smart device. Here are some top trends for the digital home in 2016:

1. Increased Smartphone Control

2. Wireless Security Systems

3. A Rise in Home Automation

4. Smart Plugs and Outlets

5. The Internet of Things

Smart gadgets are the next big thing! In 2016, look forward to an influx of smart devices and appliances that will connect with one another, like your refrigerator talking to your oven. These devices will come equipped with sensors that monitor their usage and performance, as well as data gathering to better understand consumer behavior. This data will be collected in order to provide personalized recommendations and improve product quality and usability.

Another trend on the horizon is the emergence of more intuitive and customizable connected devices. These devices will offer features that fit your lifestyle and personal preferences. And, many include a pairing with your mobile device for customization and convenience.

One of the most exciting trends for home automation is the adoption of voice control. With Amazon Echo leading the pack, voice-controlled products are on the rise. These devices allow you to speak commands without having to type them out or even having to touch a button. A few examples of these products include Belkin’s Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker and Mr. Coffee’s Smart Coffeemaker. They can answer questions, turn on lights, start music playing and much more using voice control!

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