19 Things You Can Use Your Smartphone For That No One Ever Told You About

Smartphones can seem pretty strange to someone who has never seen one. But since they’ve been out for a while and are constantly improving, there have been plenty of articles written about them. And while most people know they can use a smartphone to make calls, check email and surf the web, there are some tricks you may not know about. Here are nineteen things you can use your smartphone for that no one ever told you about:

1. Use it as a calculator

2. Use it as a stopwatch

3. Use it as an alarm clock (or two)

4. Use it to find directions in unfamiliar places

5. Use it as a level

6. Use it to scan barcodes

7. Use it to manage your prescriptions

8. Use it to translate languages

9. Use it as a remote control for your TV or DVD player

10. Use it as an e-reader

11. Set up a security system with your smartphone and other gadgets

12. Take notes with your smartphone when you’re away from home or office

13. Search for movies based on what actor is in them or what director directed them using IMDB app

14. Control the lights in your house with your smartphone (

In this modern age, the average person has plenty of gadgets at their disposal. One major type of gadget that is ever-present in our lives is the smartphone.

In many cases, smartphones are defined by their capabilities to make calls and send text messages. But did you know that they can do much more than that?

Below are 19 things you can use your smartphone for that no one ever told you about:

1) Take better photos with a 3D scanner app

2) Reduce distractions using a focus app

3) Learn a new language with a language learning app

4) Track your fitness goals with a fitness tracking app

5) Use your phone as an electronic dictionary or translator

6) Mediate and de-stress with a meditation app

7) Become more organized using task management apps

8) Become healthier by changing your eating habits with a healthy recipe app

9) Find and play music from around the world using music apps

10) Unlock your door without keys using a smart lock app and gadget

There are lots of things your smartphone can do for you and I’m not just talking about the usual texting and calling; you can use it for so much more!

Below you will find 19 things your smartphone can do for you that no one might have ever told you about.

1. Use it as a level – The built-in compass app of your phone has a hidden function, it has a level! Open the app and swipe left to see the level.

2. Use it as a scanner – There are lots of apps that allow you to take pictures of documents, receipts, whiteboards and other things and turn them into PDFs which can then be emailed or sent to any cloud storage.

3. Use it as a flashlight – Just swipe up on the screen (or pull down the notification bar) and tap on the flashlight icon to turn on the LED light!

4. Use it as an alarm clock – You can download any number of apps that will help you wake up in the morning. Install one of these apps and use it as your alarm clock!

5. Use it as a remote control – You can use your phone as a remote control for almost anything (TV, DVD player, AC, etc.). There are so

You might think that carrying a smartphone around with you is enough to make your life more convenient and comfortable. But what if we told you that there’s more to it than meets the eye?

That’s right! We’ve compiled a list of 19 nifty tricks and tips that you can use to make your life even easier, whether you’re looking to find a way to light up a dark room or just want to know how to protect yourself in the event of an emergency.

1. Use a spoon as a phone stand

2. Use your phone as a magnifying glass

3. Make an emergency charger out of batteries

4. Learn how to unlock your phone using your fingerprint

5. Make your phone waterproof

6. Use your headphones as an earphone holder

7. Make an emergency flashlight out of tin foil

8. Use your phone as a leveler for hanging pictures straight on the wall

9. Turn off notifications for specific apps when you need to concentrate on something important

10. Take time-lapse videos and other cool photos by changing your shooting mode from “photo” to “video”

1. Use your smartphone as a level.

2. Use the built in flashlight.

3. Use it as a mirror.

4. Use it as a replacement for a compass.

5. Get it to read small print by enlarging it on your screen (if you have the right app) or take it up to the document and take a photo of what you need to read.

6. Download applications that let you do things like convert measurements, measure distances, track your spending and keep your itinerary organized for traveling.

7. Scan QR codes to get information about products, restaurants, coupons and more.

8. Make purchases in stores without having to carry around cash or credit cards with apps like Google Wallet or Apple Pay (depending on which smartphone you have).

9. If you are going out at night but don’t want to seem too obvious by pulling out your phone when you think someone might be following you, open up an app that looks like it is doing something so they think you are occupied and not paying attention to them (like playing Angry Birds or checking Facebook). This way they won’t realize that you have actually opened up a decoy app that is secretly alerting the police of your location via GPS

The first thing that you need to know is that the iPhone has an advanced calculator built right into it. Yes, it’s true! The second thing that you need to know is that this calculator actually works. The third and final thing that you need to know is that this calculator has a scientific mode. Basically, what all of this means is that your iPhone can function as a very powerful and accurate calculator, which you can take with you wherever you go.

Another amazing thing about your phone is the fact that it has a stopwatch on it. Anyone who runs for exercise, or who does any kind of cardio for exercise will tell you how convenient and helpful having a stopwatch on hand can be. Well, now you have one on your phone!

If you are in engineering school, then you know more than anyone else how helpful a good compass can be. Well, guess what? Your phone has one too! It’s true! And not only does it have one, but it also has an extremely accurate gyroscope and GPS system built into it as well. Now if only someone could invent a phone with room for all of those textbooks too…

One of the best things about your phone is the fact that it contains many games to

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